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Watch This Speedrunner 100 Percent Almost Every 3D Mario in 25 Hours

Watch this speedrunner 100% most of the 3D Mario games in just over a day.

100% speedruns of any kind are a feat of endurance. Lasting hours, these are runs that get every part of a game—be it every major collectible or whatever criteria the game necessitates. For Super Mario 64, that usually means nabbing all 120 stars.

Well, a 100% speedrun of Super Mario 64 is only a fraction of this bananas 25+ hour speedrun, which includes Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Runner Vallu111 is the only one on the current leaderboard for this herculean achievement, dubbed Super Mario 982 for its massive number of collectables. This is a world record, set just two days ago.

He also holds the current world records in the 602 and 246 star versions.

Just watching this run is exhausting. More exhausting than watching a running marathon, but Vallu keeps the banter light and flowing throughout, sometimes with other streamers commenting, like pacers in a physical race.

Congrats, Vallu111! I hope you are still sleeping after this achievement.