MUNCHIES Meal Kits with Matty Matheson Are Here


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MUNCHIES Meal Kits with Matty Matheson Are Here

Matty Matheson recipes, delivered straight to your doorstep.

We've got some news that's not quite Smell-O-Vision, but it's pretty close.

Those hungry days of watching Matty Matheson, the king of MUNCHIES how-to cooking videos, and wishing you had more time to grocery shop for his recipes are over.

Matty Matheson's steak sandwiches with tomato salad

We get it: Life is busy and there are far too many episodes of Dead Set on Life to watch instead of dealing with produce. That's why we've decided to cut the bullshit so you can get Matty Matheson recipes shipped straight to your doorstep.


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Matty Matheson's spicy pan-fried chicken with corn and coleslaw

Today, we're excited to unveil a new line of MUNCHIES meal kits that are built around five delicious summer recipes, all developed by the VICELAND star himself. Each kit includes an easy-as-hell recipe card and all the ingredients you need to recreate Matty's recipes at home.

Matty Matheson's trout almondine with green beans and fingerling potatoes

Matty Matheson's breakfast hash

Created in partnership with meal kit company Chef'd, these kits can be ordered à la carte, which means there's no subscription necessary. And if you order a kit in the continental US, it can arrive to your cozy abode in as little as next day delivery. Plus you get free shipping on orders over $40, which means you can cook dinner for all of your friends and save room for extra chocolate mousse, which Matty loves for its "amazing mouthfeel!"

Matty Matheson's chocolate mousse

Visit to watch the videos and order these boxes of joy. Happy cooking and please don't burn the house down!