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SpaceGhostPurrp Likes Spanking Groupies

I met him in London and he told me all about it.

Oh SpaceGhostPurrp, you're so young and talented and pretty. You spent the first half of 2012 graduating seamlessly from blog hype and proving yourself to be a hip-hop prodigy of sorts. You produced beats on Rocky's outrageously successful LiveLoveA$ap mixtape, but now everyone knows you as a rapper in your own right. I mean, BlackLand 66.6 was pretty great, but God of Black EP? That's my jam. Hyped about Mysterious Phonk: Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp, BTW!


Oh Purrp, I caught up with you ahead of your first ever London gig. Your mum was there, did she approve of me?

Noisey: So, I heard that you got into music real young. How old were you exactly?

SpaceGhostPurrp: I’ve been producing since I was 13 and rapping since I was probably seven years old. My Mom raps too, actually damn near my whole family raps.

Did she rap doing the laundry and stuff?

All the time, music was always around me. It’s in my blood for sure.

I noticed she's on tour with you…Does that make being a badass hard?

I know, it’s weird as fuck. She hasn’t heard me curse so many times in my life, but I did warn her that it was gonna be a vulgar trip. But, it’s good, I feel like I’m at home still, secure and shit. But yeah, she chill, she's a big impact on my music.

Did you ever like anything other than music?

Well, I was into sports for a little while, but not in the same way I liked music. I did like computers and all types of new technology as well.

So you’re a bit of a nerd at heart?

Nah not a nerd.

That’s pretty nerdy.

OK, shit, I guess I’m a nerd.

You have a few nerdy references in your tracks, like using some of the sound effects to Mortal Kombat.

I used to love kicking-ass on Mortal Kombat, it’s always been a great stress relief to me. But yeah, my music is just everything in my head, everything from my childhood growing up all in one one place. There's a lot to take in. Like, I’ve been playing Mortal Kombat since I was five probably.


Five? Jesus :(

Yeah, fuck, I’m young right. Reptile was one of my favorite characters… but, y'know Sonya, she was sexy.

I also read that you still make all your stuff on Fruity Loops. Are you not into using tools where every button sounds like Swiss Beats?

Nah, I’m not into using these big fucking machines, I don’t think you should need any of that. My generation grew up mastering things like Fruity Loops by themselves at home, yet you still get these older people that think it’s whack and that you need these big production tools. I mean, I’ve been using it for so long and it's real hard going, because it’s actually very technical, but I know a lot of great, young producers use it, like Lex Luger. Then again, I got an old spirit, I wish I was born in the 70s or something, so I'm trying to take the best of both worlds.

You've been compared to Luger a fair few times actually.

He's a great producer, but I don’t see the comparison. The only similarity is that we're dope.

I guess that whole dark, Freemason image thing you've got going on isn't very Luger-y either

It’s nothing to me, all that Freemason shit, I’ve always been dark man. That’s just what’s inside of my head, in the long run I could easily switch something up and start a whole new movement, I’m not worried about other artists trying to step in my lane. I’ll always be one move ahead, watching them try and keep up.

Does that mean there’s a possibility of you changing tack and doing really upbeat pop? Like, jumping on a collaboration with Guetta?


Fuck no! I mean, shit, fucking David Guetta? I can respect him and how far he’s got, whatever, but no. That shit can exist, away from me. Far away. It needs to stay over there.

Have you had as many groupies as Guetta yet? Y'know, it’s funny, in situations like that sometimes I think, "you don’t know me, how do you know I wouldn’t fucking kill you or something?" But I think I can tell now who really appreciates the music, just sometimes you get this feeling. If I don’t think they keeping it real, I’ll keep a distance. How do you show your love to female groupies?

I like choking.


[Laughs] Y'know, I respect all women for sure, but yeah, fucking spanking, choking, all that shit. Imma torture her ass.

Spanking or being spanked?

Nah fuck getting spanked, I'm the one doing the spanking.

You should go to Soho while you’re in town then.

Well, I’m going to Amsterdam tomorrow.

Oh, probably a bit better there.

I know, I’m gonna fucking DESTROY it there. But one thing you gotta remember…

To strap up?

Always. Like a seatbelt.

ANYWAY, I was reading your last interview in VICE about the Trayvon Martin case, you were quite vocal about Florida being hell on earth. Do you stand by that?

I stand by that. That was bullshit; Trayvon was from my hood and he got killed over nothing. It was something that doesn’t even fucking happen in the worst, black hoods. I mean, he wasn’t doing shit, he was just a boy, walking home, minding his own fucking business. But one thing about these Miami boys, we’re not gonna back down from some stupid motherfucker. Even if he stood up to Zimmerman, you gonna kill someone over that? So, the way I see it, Zimmerman got beat down and shot him, cos he’s a pussy. He’s a bitch. If I ever saw him I’d tell him he’s a bitch and slap him in his fucking mouth. Very simple.


What did you make of people digging up photos of Trayvon making gun fingers?

He’s young…was young. What kid doesn’t get into scrapes at school and take stupid photos of themselves? Whoever did that should get their head knocked off.

Yeah, the way it was handled seemed pretty shocking to us in the UK.

America is fucking stupid, with the stupidest laws. Really, it’s the state of Florida’s fault what happened to him, they let that shit happen, it’s their responsibility. I mean, everyone knows places like Compton and hoods in New York and all that, but there are a lot of fucked up places in Florida alone. A lot of voodoo going on down there, sometimes I feel like you walk through these hoods and you can just feel evil spirits.

But it had a big effect on your music?

It played a huge part. That place is lost. Dark.

You always look dark in your videos too, like, really angry? Raider Klan kinda scare me.

Nah, but I’m nice right? I’m not really an angry person, I guess I just got a serious side. It’s that Miami boy attitude again, we got a strong presence but I guess some people feel nervous around us. If I took you to come hang out with my homeboys, you’re not gonna be nervous, but you’ll be like "are these guys OK?"

Would they be mean to me? Make me sit on my own and stuff?

Nah, they’re gentlemen, but you’ll feel awkward. Like, you know how you get nervous on a first date?

So, it’d be like I’m on a massive group date?


Nah, just awkward, they’re so fucking serious y’know. They’d be nice to you cause you’re girl, know what I mean?

What if I cracked a shitty joke?

I don’t know how polite they’d be about that. Shit, I still think they’d laugh to make you feel OK. The thing is, we're serious, but when we get crazy, and play crunk, then it’ll pop off. I’ll be moshing out, showing my teeth, fucking wiling out to Waka Flocka.

Oh yeah, I was going to say, your teeth. Is that like your thing now, the grills I mean?

We always had grills in the South, real niggas down there have to use a rag to clean their gold, y'know, keep it glossy? You don’t want it fading. We got that real fucking gold.

They just look uncomfortable.

I mean, they’re real tight in your mouth.

I think I would dribble if I wore them.

Shit no! I’ve perfected them, I know people that got their first grills in the fucking seventh grade. Like, I know little kids who are five years old that got grills already.

You reckon I should buy a pair?

Yeah, why the fuck not? I like that, the South is influencing every where right now. Maybe it’s a phase, but I’m glad the world is fucking with us.

Luv you mate!

Mysterious Phonk: Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp is out on the12th June, but available to stream now here.

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