Jo Fuertes-Knight

Jo Fuertes-Knight

  • Hvorfor har Gucci Mane egentlig en isvaffel tatoveret i ansigtet?

    How Gucci's face tattoo was not an ill-thought out LOL but symbolic of his indoctrination into the illuminati.

  • Fried Chicken Sliders Recipe

    What sets these sliders apart from the rest? No buns, just 2 pieces of fried chicken sandwiching bacon and cheese (in other words, heaven).

  • Girl Eats Food: Aphrodisiacs

    Jo Fuertes-Knight goes on a mission to find out whether traditional aphrodisiacs can actually set your libido aflame—or if it's all just a sexy myth.

  • The Evolution of Dr Dre

    A look at the landmark moments in the formidable career of Dr Dre, the godfather of gangsta rap.

  • Jo’s Award-Winning Rocky Mountain Oysters Recipe

    If you're going to eat testicles, do it right. This spicy, super-umami recipe was a surefire winner for Jo, and now you can make it at home too.

  • Girl Eats Food: Testicle Festival

    Our host Jo Fuertes-Knight heads to Serbia for the World Testicle Cooking Championship, a weekend-long celebration of testes, complete with music, moonshine, and lax food-safety standards.