Seedless Avocados Exist Because People Don’t Know How to Use Knives

'Avocado hand' is a thing of the past with these pit-free fruit.
December 7, 2017, 4:01pm
Photo via Flickr user Your Best Digs

Will we ever get bored of avocados? Despite being responsible for forcing young people off the property ladder, creating cut-throat black markets, and slicing our hands open, we still can’t seem to get enough.

Just when we thought our fave mushy green fruit couldn’t get any better, this week brings an exciting development: seedless avocados are now A Thing.

*Hushed whispers*

The seedless avos, which also have an edible skin, are being sold by UK supermarket chain Marks & Spencer. They allow you to save a grand total of two minutes by not having to remove a stone or spoon out the flesh. Rejoice!

Known as a “cocktail avocado,” the fruit is grown in Spain in December, and usually sourced by restaurants, rather than mainstream supermarkets. Until now. Never again need we labour over avocado pip-removal, nor patiently defrost individual slices of the fruit. Just pick the avo up and stuff it straight in your mouth. I guess.

Resembling a small courgette and measuring five to eight centimetres in length, the seedless avocados are the result of an un-pollinated avocado blossom. When the fruit’s flowers fail to pollinate, it develops without its usual large stone. The result is a slightly smaller, seedless fruit that could make "avocado hand" a thing of the past!!!!!!

Marks & Spencer has acquired a supply of the seedless avos and will be stocking them in selected UK stores throughout December.

If you do manage to nab a packet of these seedless wonders, we strongly suggest you spend those extra two minutes you saved having a long, hard look at your life.