I Need Marie Kondo For My 'Destiny 2' Vault

I am trying, and failing, to clear up my massive vault before Beyond Light. Which of these guns sparks joy?
A Destiny 2 Guardian sitting on an icy cliff of Europa
Image: Bungie

The new Destiny 2 expansion, Beyond Light, starts on November 10th. Between then and now I have a few chores that I'd like to take care of in-game. There are quests I want to complete, and exotic weapons I'd love to grab. First, I need to conquer the game's mightiest enemy: my vault.

It's not that I have anything particularly important in my vault. Like everything in my life that I let slowly slide out of control, I don't even know what's in it and now I don't want to even look at it. Since I started playing Destiny 2 again seriously a few months ago, I've treated my vault like an overstuffed closet, tossing in anything I just didn't want to think about at the moment. As a result, I know that my vault is simply a mess, making me not want to dive into the waist deep pile of cloaks and guns even more.

Some of the new features incoming with Beyond Light made clearing out some parts of my inventory easier. Destiny 2 will finally add transmog with this new expansion, a common feature in MMOs like World of Warcraft that allows players to have the armor with the stats they like take on the appearance of armor that looks good. Since I don't have to physically keep that gear to use it for transmog, then into the garbage it went. When it comes to weapons it's a whole different story.

I look at my inventory now, even after clearing out hundreds of guns, and I'm at a loss. Although there are guns in there that aren't very powerful, sometimes they have stats that are particularly interesting and I say to myself, "maybe I should keep that around and increase it's light level, just in case." Some of the guns I haven't even tried, and I find myself thinking that I should take them out for a spin, just in case I like them. There's also just a ton of stuff that I didn't even know I had. How the hell did I get three of the same exotic grenade launcher?

On the other hand, why is this even my problem? My real-life closet, that's on me. It's only so big, and I shouldn't fall into the habit of storing more things in piles of shit on the floor. But why is "tidying-up" my loot such a big part of Destiny? There's something I find personally enjoyable about inventory management—I play Dwarf Fortress after all—but I never feel like Destiny gives me the tools I really need to do that effectively. Sure I can compare guns, and sort them in my inventory in different ways, but I want to be able to know, at a glance, what the best things in my vault are, and right now I truly have no idea.  

If this were an actual closet, I'd calmly be able to take the time to actually assess my inventory the way I want to: By carefully considering each thing I own, and asking myself if I really want it. But in games you simply amass so much stuff that I can no longer organize it except in bulk actions. If I really Marie Kondo'd my vault, it'd take all the way until the launch of Beyond Light. Still I feel like I need to ask her which one of my three Witherhoards spark joy.