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Watch Tyra Banks Smash Food in Drake's Face at The Cheesecake Factory

The video for "Child's Play" gets real when Tyra Banks starts an altercation with Drizzy at The Cheesecake Factory after catching him cheating. Food fight!
Hilary Pollack
Los Angeles, US

What's not to love about The Cheesecake Factory?

In addition to the fact that the honey wheat brown bread they put on every table is fucking delicious, the brazenly caloric chain offers all of the mall food comforts one could ever ask for in an atmosphere that feels positively classy when you're two blueberry mojitos deep. Which makes it the perfect date spot for turtleneck enthusiast and unfathomably successful rapper Drake.

Though Drake's affinity for The Cheesecake Factory has been noted before, his new video for "Child's Play" —released this weekend—adopts it as the setting for a date with none other than former supermodel, America's Next Top Model host, and gleeful sadist Tyra Banks. After catching him cheating (delete your texts, morons), she is left with no choice but to cause a scene in its otherwise tranquil dining room, with a denouement of a full-on, cake-in-face power move.

So go the lyrics to "Child's Play": "Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake? / You know I love to go there." And yep, he ate there after filming, too. Who can resist those Tex-Mex egg rolls, anyway?

Now we're just dying to know when we get to hit up the Hooters on Peachtree with Drizzy himself.