Hungry for Demagorgon Pie? Netflix Just Dropped These Crazy ‘Stranger Things’ Recipes

Ever wanted to eat a bowl of soup that looks like Barb's face, or a Demagorgon Pie? Anyone?
Hilary Pollack
Los Angeles, United States
October 19, 2016, 12:00pm
Stranger Things

Got Stranger Things withdrawal? Us, too. Sure, we can try to creep ourselves out by hanging up Christmas lights in our living rooms, listening to the soundtrack on full blast, manically hacking giant holes in the walls of our homes with hatchets, and eating chocolate pudding and Eggos on the couch while staring at the Netflix menu until our muscles atrophy and our skin grows into the cloth fibers of our sofas. But it just isn't the same without Dustin, Eleven, and the rest of the gang, is it?

While we impatiently await Season 2, Netflix has kindly offered us some crumbs to continue feeding our addictions to cruiser bikes, Steve's hair, the Upside Down, and Foreigner ballads, via its YouTube page. Since you're probably in the final stages of compiling your Jonathan and Nancy couple's costume for Halloween, here are a couple of dishes that would make worthy additions to your Stranger Things party spread.

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If you're not thoroughly horrified by the concept of eating something that looks like an alien lamprey's face, there's Demagorgon Pie, which cheerily starts with a homemade pie crust and a filling of pumpkin and cherries and eventually takes on the demonic form of the Demagorgon himself (or herself?), complete with slivered almonds to signify the many rows of razor-sharp teeth with which the beast would love to slurp you down and spit out your mangled and bloodied carcass for some teenagers to find in the woods.

Then, surely due to the ongoing internet campaigning of #JusticeforBarb, we have French Onion Barb. To whet your appetite, the video starts with a clip of Eleven stumbling upon Barb's bloated, decaying body in the Upside Down. Who wants some soup?

And yes, the recipe is a bowl of French onion soup that is actually modeled to look like Barb's corpse, complete with lovely shreds of melted Gruyère on top. Bon appetit!

Stranger Things returns to Netflix in 2017. In the meantime, enjoy eating Barb's face. The Demagorgon sure did. And nope, no sign of frozen waffle or chocolate pudding recipes—yet.