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Two Drunk Dudes Arrested for Riding a Couch to a McDonald's Drive-Thru

The driver of the ATV left his buddies behind and led police on a high speed chase—couch in tow—that ended on a frozen lake.

Two drunken men redefined the term "couch potato" last Thursday when they pulled up to a McDonald's drive-thru wearing helmets… on a couch… being pulled by a four-wheeler.

This surreal scene took place at 3:19 AM in Miramichi, New Brunswick and ended with the two men being arrested, but not before their ATV-driving buddy left them behind and led police on a high-speed chase—couch in tow—through the parking lot, across a highway, and onto the frozen Miramichi River, according to local police, speaking to the Canadian Press.


The police account is harrowing. "When (the officer) put his lights on, of course he took off, the four-wheeler did, with the sofa still attached. But he left his two passengers from the sofa at the drive-thru," Corporal Lorri McEachern said. "The two passengers from the sofa, or the couch, or whatever you want to call it, were intoxicated."

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Even though the driver of the four-wheeler successfully evaded police by hopping onto the frozen river, cops eventually tracked the quad down as part of an ongoing investigation. None of the men involved with this now-legendary drive-thru order have been formally accused of a crime at this point, but police have said that the charges are "yet-to-be-determined." The driver remains at large.

Whatever those charges will be, the evidence seems pretty damning. Just look at this video surveillance footage of the quad couch ride taken a few minutes before the motley crew met their demise at McDonald's.

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— Paddy Quinn (@pqmiramichi) February 10, 2017

Corporal McEachern also specified that it is, indeed, illegal to tow a couch through a drive-thru, even if you're wearing a helmet.

So there you have it; one more thing you're not allowed to do at a fast food drive-thru. Killjoys.