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Watch These People Take Acid Then Attempt to Build IKEA Furniture

Far from the lights and sounds of the dancefloors many associate with the drug, Giancarlo and Nicole start their quest toward constructing a dresser while tripping.

For some, taking acid might be just another way to fuel their wild night out on the dancefloor. For others, it's a way to break out of the mundanity of everyday life, and the tasks that come along with it. And what possibly could be more mundane than building IKEA furniture?

Here lies the ethos behind a video from YouTube channel, HIKEA Productions. The play on words moniker applies directly to what you're about to see. In the four-minute clip—part-one in what appears to be a series of episodes—two young people, Giancarlo and Nicole, drop a couple tabs of LSD before attempting to build a dresser. Watch them test their wit, patience, and strength in the video below, and please have a deep think before you try this at home.