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Treasure Fingers Kicks Off New Label Psycho Disco With Goofy Video "Koolaid"

The Atlanta producer wants to bring back filter disco in a big way.
July 15, 2015, 5:50pm

Door-to-door salesmen are universally reviled, but in the video for "Koolaid"—the track kicking off Treasure Fingers' (Ashley Jones) new label—one particular schmuck gets a wilder time than he expected when he drinks a mysterious beverage from a lonely housewife.

"I'm in your house, drinking all your koolaid" goes the strangely catchy hook, but Jones reveals that the original lyrics were far raunchier. "The first version was very R-rated, the vocals just said, 'I'm in your house, rubbing on your pussy,'" he laughs. "The video would be me, petting a cat for four minutes."

"I would like to leak the original version," he adds.

Regardless of innuendo, "Koolaid" marks the beginning of what Jones hopes to continue with his new imprint: fun club tracks that are a throwback to filter disco (think: Daft Punk meets Bob Sinclair)—a sound he admits he's pretty obsessed with. He's also keen to push music that recognizes the worth of mindless fun.

"When you hear 'Koolaid,' you'll just think, 'this is so dumb,'" he says. But it's nice to just have fun. Maybe it's just me getting older and not caring as much, enjoying the really simple and mindless things in life."