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​Mano Le Tough is Bringing His Maeve Rave to Miami

May 30 at The Garret, one of dance's most cerebral vibelayers will showcase his label's sound.

If heady, experimental dance vibes pique your palate, Mano Le Tough will have been on your menu for a long while now. The Irishman with a Spaniard's name who lives in Berlin weaves an aesthetic all his own––dark, deep, roving between techno and house, and awash in atmosphere and melody.

Mano will be pulling double duty next weekend at both Lightning in a Bottle in California and Movement in Detroit, but on May 30, he will be heading to another of The States' music meccas: Miami, to The Garret at Grand Central. Le Tough will be bringing along The Drifter, with whom he runs the defiantly boutique Maeve Records and the two of them will man the decks all night long.

As a primer on vibe, here's Mano's set from ENTER at Space Ibiza:

Check the Facebook event, buy tickets at RA, and check out all the other shows THUMP is putting on.