'2 Step' Into Summer with this Next Level Crazy Cousinz Remix

The legendary duo have turned Vato Gonzalez and Doctor's tropical-tinged hit into a future Funky classic.
July 8, 2016, 9:50am

You know what they say about summer don't you? That it doesn't ever really begin until the Black Butter crew drop a grade-A scorcher that's absolutely ripe for long afternoons spent in municipal parks eating tomatoes and drinking flat fizzy water? Oh, you have heard that and can verify that it's not just something I've made up for this intro? Great, that makes things a lot easier, then.

Black Butter signings Vato Gonzalez and Doctor's "2Step" is a tropically tinged banger that slips down as smoothly as a can of Lilt drunk outside a cornershop. You've probably heard it blasting out of car stereos for the last few weeks and we're pretty sure you're going to hear it even more now that UK Funky lynchpins Crazy Cousinz have turned in an absolutely top notch remix.


With UK Funky officially being back—after Harry Hill stepped up to the plate and did the damn thing—it makes sense that one of the season's biggest records is a stiff and swaying lurcher that sounds a bit like how your head feels after going on one of those rides called Sky Hammer or Atmosphere Mallett at the local fair. In a very, very good way.

We're bringing you the track and a quick chat with Vato Gonzalez and Doctor below. They're the Messi and Suarez of clubbing apparently, and if they can keep slotting tracks this good into the top left hand corner of the metaphorical net then we're more than happy to take them at their word.

THUMP: If you could only listen to one 2Step tune on repeat for the rest of your life what'd it be and why?
Vato Gonzalez: Irv Gotti - Down 4 U (D'n'D Conemelt remix)" there's something dissonant, dark yet energetic about that remix, which I could never really wrap my head around. Plus, I rather enjoy the way it literally melts my speakers when I put the volume on max.
Doctor: "Sweet Like Chocolate" by Shanks and Bigfoot. It reminds me oh high school days when garage was all the rage.

Can you tell us about how you hooked up with Crazy Cousinz? Are you a big UK Funky fan by nature?
Vato Gonzalez: UK Funky is in some ways the crazy cousin of a Dutch genre called 'afrotech', which I used to play back in the days. Since I've been a big fan of UK garage all my life, it wasn't long before I discovered UK Funky and started playing it in my sets, thus discovering Crazy Cousinz. When Drake came around with "One Dance", I knew these guys were on the right track all along and I just had to have them remix "2 Step".
Doctor: Crazy Cousinz are from the same area as me so we have bumped into each other from time to time. I was a proper UK Funky raver when it was at its peak. You might be able to find a funky track or two with me on!

Finally, what's your favourite summer memory EVER?
Vato Gonzalez: Celebrating my birthday in Albufeira, Portugal by playing a special six hour set on a sold out beach. It literally was the epitome of what sun, sand, music and summer holidays could possibly be. Being able to share this moment with an audience that was really feeling the music the way I do, was absolutely magnificent!
Doctor: I was on a summer holiday with the boys and one night the dares started to get a bit risky. To keep a long story short…let's just say it ended up the next day with me jumping out of a plane! Wonder what the label would think about that for my next music video.

"2 Step" is out now and you can grab it here.