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'Fallout 4' Is Better with Rick and Morty

If interdimensional cable met Bethesda's gaming engine...
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The creative nerdmasters over at UpIsNotJump are recreating some of the best scenes from Rick and Morty using the insanely customizable medium of Fallout 4 machinima. When you think about it, it makes sense: The Adult Swim sci-fi comedy and Bethesda's fourth iteration Fallout are both filled with senseless violence, surreal random creatures, and delightfully deus ex machina technology that either ruins or saves the day, depending on your perspective. The lines and characters from Rick and Morty fit seamlessly into the apocalyptic Earth of Fallout 4. One could interpret the wasteland as a dimension the duo escaped à la the Cronenberg Earth from the Season 1. Other characters fit the mold as well: Imagine a side quest where you have to return testicles to Scruffles' (erm—sorry, Snowball). The two were made for each other.


Watch the dimensional crossover in UpIsNotJump's video below.

See more machinima on UpIsNotJump's YouTube channel. Check out 20 new Rick and Morty worlds on InstagramRick and Morty Season 2 comes out on BluRay and DVD June 7.


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