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Ferocious Seafood Dishes Bite Back in an Unsettling Photo Series

Denise Kwong’s ghastly photos are of seafood overtaking the people who try to eat them.
All images courtesy the artist. Screencap via

It's dinner time, and tonight for the main course—the shrimp and octopus are having humans. Turning the tables on the typical pescatarian, Australian photographer Denise Kwong depicts seafood resisting human consumption. With seasoned limbs, crustacean as well as noodles take over each photo subject's face, almost suffocating them. The photos were taken in Osaka, Japan with a group of Kwong's friends.


Kwong draws out the vibrant colors of each type of food, casting a critical eye to consuming once-living sea creatures as well as injecting a sensual tension between the food and the model. Shiny pink lips are complemented by the bright red skin of an octopus; the inside of a human mouth seamlessly blends with a shrimp tail.

Describing herself as a hobbyist photographer, Kwong shares with Creators she began her interest in taking photos after seeing the influence of Instagram. "My interest in photography started in 2013. [Over time,] my style has changed and evolved since then, starting with minimalism and landscape, I am now more interested in imagery with a human subject. Hands in particular, I like to photograph—using my immediate environment to dictate the creativity direction. I feel they can convey so much emotion, and add any extra dimension to the imagery," she says.

See more work from Denise Kwong on her website, here and her Instagram, here.


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