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Uber Is Launching an Even More Casual Carpooling Option in China for Commuters

For when you’re headed to work and have an extra seat in your car.
September 23, 2015, 3:57pm
Image: Uber

Uber is piloting another carpooling model: UberCommute, which lets drivers pick up other commuters on their way to work. But this time it's not debuting in New York or any other city where it already has a strong foothold: this time it's targeting China, where the company is planning to expand to about 100 cities.

Carpooling isn't new for Uber. The UberPool service has been around for over a year and functions fairly similarly to UberCommute. Commute, however, is specifically for drivers who are heading to Point B and want to make a quick buck from people heading in the same direction. In other words, it's not for part-time drivers.

Uber has some heavy competition in China from domestic ridesharing companies like Didi Kuaidi. Didi recently announced a strategic partnership with Lyft in anticipation of Uber's arrival, and is undoubtedly looking to Lyft for guidance as the ridesharing battles embroil during Uber's planned expansion.