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This Hydraulic Road Blocker Had One Job, And It Did It Very Very Well

RIP truck.
April 7, 2015, 7:43pm

​Who knew that "road blocker technology" exists and is so satisfying to watch?

First off, here's an explanation. Those road spikes commonly seen at car rental parking lots don't magically appear—there's a whole industry out that that produces them. They're called (obviously) road blockers and they're used to "control a​ccess" to places that need beefed-up security, say your local Avis or military bases.

They're not always spikes. Another piece of road blocking technology is seen in this video, which is a block of heavy duty steel that pops up from the ground to stop incoming traffic.

It's not a surprise a large hunk of metal works blocking traffic, but what's shocking is the sheer force it does it. Skip to the :30 second mark in the video and admire the tenacity the road blocker, uh, blocks that speeding truck.

Damn. Hope that truck had insurance.