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A ‘Robotics Repair Shop’ Is Coming to the Pittsburgh Airport

It’s not what you think.

Pittsburgh International Airport has a lot of unusual quirks, like having the city's only Pinkberry shop and a collection of dinosaur fossils. And it's only getting weirder with the addition of a Robotics Repair Shop.

OK, so it's not a place where a broken drone can be replaced. Rather, it's a public art installation that imagines a scene where "owners left for vacation, leaving robots in various stages of repair."

Artist Toby Atticus Fraley's vision is closer to becoming a reality, because he blew past his $10,000 Kickstarter goal this morning. The exhibit, which was originally on display in downtown Pittsburgh, will be placed in the airport's busy Concourse A.

Faley is going to rebuild the exhibit three times larger and include more robots. He told WESA-FM that the airport donated space for him and is "totally behind" him and hopes to be open by September.