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Check Out Another Tough Cut from Rising Club Music Man Tarquin

Enjoy an edit straight from the new release on Coyote.
Photo by Quann

You've got your ear to the ground haven't you? You know your Rudewhy from your Rudekid, right? Good. You read THUMP so we'd hope so. All that means you know the sterling work that's been going on with the crew over at Coyote over the last few years and because you know that we don't have to tell you all over again about how they've dropped some of the most innovative and exciting grimey club music that the UK's heard of late. Which makes our lives easier.


The next Coyote release, dropping in February, comes courtesy of T_A_M and it's another doozy. "Watty" features rising star Tarquin on re-edit duties and we've got the exclusive stream of that rework here on THUMP.

We tried to interview Tarquin but our questions—which included thought provoking gems like "what's your favourite shower gel?" and "who do you prefer - fat Ronaldo or Cristiano Ronaldo?"— were met with silence. Which we, being the eternal optimists of online club culture writing, to mean "Let's let the music do the talking," which is exactly what we're going to do. We tried to describe it for you but we did a really bad job of it and got embarrassed so we deleted it all and we think it's best if you make your own mind up about it. Which, handily, you can do by listening to Tarquin's edit below.

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