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The 10 Most Irritating Daft Punk Rumors Ever

Thomas and Guy-Man continue to drive us not towards digital love, but to digital insanity.

One perk of being really, really, really famous is that you can do—or not do—pretty much whatever you want. If you're a musician who has reached this coveted apex of success, it means that you won't have to follow the same kind of rules as smaller artists who rely on tours or a steady stream of releases to promote their careers.

Grammy-winning DJs-cum-androids Daft Punk enjoy this kind of lifestyle. Following the release of their long-awaited album Random Access Memories in 2013, anticipation over a potential live tour—or at the very least a single gig somewhere on Earth—hit a fever pitch. Then they performed at the Grammys in 2014 and it was awesome, but no tour followed. It's the kind of let down their die-hard fans have come to accept.


Throughout the years, there's been an omnipresent stream of Daft Punk rumors speculating on their many moves—or lack thereof. There's even an entire website devoted to all the times we've been Punk'd by the punks. Maybe this obsession is because the duo never tours and rarely releases music, so fans have little else to talk and debate over. Below we've listed ten rumors about Thomas and Guy-Man that continue to drive us not towards digital love, but to digital insanity.

1. They're headlining Glastonbury, Coachella, or Lollapalooza.

Following the release of their latest collaboration with The Weeknd, the rumor mill got milling that 2017 was the year the robots would hit the festival circuit. Those have intensified recently, as the source code for a mysterious new Alive 2017 website pointed to a Coachella appearance. In September, some Reddit users came across a page for the group on Lollapalooza's website, but as Glen Sears at Dance Music North West laid out, it's probably just someone being too lazy to delete a tag landing page from their Alive tour in 2007. According to leads picked up on Reddit via UK website, the duo will also potentially be headlining Glastonbury on Friday of the festival, according to "well-sourced information."

2. Daft Punk was releasing music as Third Twin.

Following the release of the Daft Punk-produced film Tron: Legacy in 2011, a new rumor emerged that the duo was recording music under the name Third Twin, an alleged Paris-based DJ duo consisting of the rumored nephew of Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. After a brouhaha about them potentially performing at a festival in Spain called Arenal Sound, the claims were debunked by Daft Punk's management.

3. They're breaking up.

Sparked in 2014 by French magazine Tsugi, news that Guy-Man was producing a speculated solo album opened the door for chit-chat that the duo was calling it quits for good. Neither things happened.


4. Their scheduled appearance at The Colbert Report was a hoax.

Daft Punk canceled an appearance on Stephen Colbert's show in 2013, only two days before they were set to perform. Instead of the robots, Colbert featured a montage of celebrities like Justin Bieber dancing to the song. Soon after, though, rumors started flying that the "cancellation" was actually a hoax, because the episode also featured a performance of Robin Thicke performing "Blurred Lines" that had been taped days prior. Colbert eventually admitted on his show Aug. 7, that these rumors were right all along. "You got me!" he said. Later on a podcast he explained that he had planned the montage far in advance, because Daft Punk hadn't been happy with the skits he presented to them.

5. They're collaborating with Kanye.

Photo via Youtube.

So many rumors involving both Kanye and Daft Punk have appeared over the years that we all thought this one wouldn't be true—surely these two captivating enigmas would never fulfill our wildest dreams and actually collaborate, right? Wrong. When Yeezus dropped in 2012 it featured several dance-y bangers touched by the robots themselves, including "On Sight."

6. They're staging a giant comeback at the soon-to-be-unveiled national Harambe memorial.

According to confidential sources at VICE News, rumor has it that they will perform a special rendition of "Something About Us" in honor of the world's most-missed gorilla.


7. They were going to perform at that giant rock from Close Encounters.
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According to a report from local newspaper Rapid City Journal, word leaked that the robots had applied for a permit to perform a concert near the Devils Tower National monument, the picturesque rock tower famously featured in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. ICM Partners, the booking agency that was actually attempting to hold an event there featuring Daft Punk and many other potential artists, eventually issued a statement to Pitchfork that the whole thing wasn't happening.

8. They recorded a new song called "Renova Street" in 2012

French magazine-turned-tabloid Tsugi admitted to manufacturing a new robot-hoax about the duo producing a new track as part of a random compilation CD the magazine was releasing. They later admitted it to be "a pure creation making fun of all the madness surrounding every (mainly false) news concerning the two robots." Hey, we ain't laughing!

9. They recorded a new song called "Emphazed," also in 2012.

Similar to the Tsugi-fueled tomfoolery, the web was ablaze with rumors that the robots had produced a new song called "Emphazed" in 2012. While it certainly packed a proper punk punch, it turns out it was actually by some dude name Jorge.

10. Robots have hearts.

Remains to be seen, tbh.