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Next Hype: Almost

We talk to the man behind the Let's Play House imprint about his bassline-driven new EP.
July 29, 2013, 8:30pm

Almost is a mysterious guy. In the past few months, he quietly inaugurated Let's Play House's imprint Goodnight Moon and signed to Zed Bias's Biasonic label, but until recently, all we knew was that he lives in Glasgow. When he sent us the clips from his forthcoming EP on Seven Records, we jumped at the opportunity to learn a little more about the unassuming producer behind the infectious house bombs. The title track from the Colour Me EP, which you can stream in full below, deals in slap-happy rhythms, monstrous hand claps, bright chord stabs, slinky vocals, and a rubbery bassline. Although his eye-popping flare certainly grabbed our attention, we didn't let Almost hide behind the music and forced him to answer a few questions about himself.


THUMP: What's your name?
Almost: My name is Tommy, a.k.a. Almost.

Where are you from?
I'm originally from a small city near Glasgow, where I'm now based.

How old are you?
I'm 25.

One line about your hometown?
The grass is always greener.

What did the first track you made sound like and what was it inspired by?
The first ever track I made probably sounded a bit like an 11-year-old recording a keyboard demo tune onto a tape deck, which is pretty much what it was. My earliest musical inspiration that I can remember is the Beastie Boys, which I suppose is quite cool, actually.

How did you get your name?
A song from OMD's first single on Factory records. I'm a big fan. Plus, I liked how vague and simple it was.

What labels do you record for?
I'm currently recording for Seven Music. Previously I've been on Goodnight Moon, and I recently signed to Zed Bias's Biasonic.

Who is your best friend that also does music and what are they like?
I have quite a few friends involved in music in some way or another, and they're all very lovely.

Other than a club or a house, what's the best environment to hear your music (real or imagined)?
In a hostage situation.

What is your favorite sound (or sounds) right now?
The DMX handclap.

Name three non-musical inspirations.
Sandwiches, cheap cigarettes, and Francis Begbie from Trainspotting.

Who is one up-and-coming artist you think we should look out for and why?
If I only get one, I'd say Supreems. I recently mixed a great track of his and I've heard some new bits and pieces from him that are very exciting. Proper deep, lo-fi, forward-thinking music, which is refreshing among all the generic '90s revival stuff that won't seem to stop.

What's next for you?
After Colour Me, I've got a brand new one for the Biasonic label compilation in October. It'll also feature tracks by Zed himself, Roy Davis Jr., Paleman, Chunky, MPHO, and others. It's very excited and flattering to be appearing alongside some complete legends as well as others who I've got a lot of respect for.