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This Chef Now Makes as Much Money as Beyoncé

The Hell’s Kitchen chef clocked in level with Queen B at number 34 on the latest Forbes Celebrity 100 list, which was released on Monday.

One is a global singing superstar and the other is known for standing in a kitchen and swearing, but it turns out both career choices will earn you a cool $54 million. At least that's if you're Beyoncé or Gordon Ramsay.

This week, both the world famous pop star and foul-mouthed TV chef clocked in at number 34 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, which reveals the highest paid celebrities from the past year.


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OK, so Ramsay does have a bit of an empire (restaurants, TV appearances on MasterChef and Hell's Kitchen, a homeware range, and perhaps most bizarrely, an app), but c'mon, Bey is the empire.

It's alright, Beyoncé. When life gives you lemons …

Although Beyoncé and Jay-Z were the highest earning couple on the Forbes list, Queen B's individual earnings slid from last year's spot at number 29, as did Ramsay from number 22.

Perhaps chefs really are the new rock stars, after all. And Bey, if you want to keep hot on Ramsay's heels, maybe think twice before ordering take out in future.