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Jose Mourinho Writes Man U a 6-Page Plea Letter, According to Sources

He should have dotted the i's with hearts.
Even Mourinho's winking game is off nowadays. Photo by EPA / ANDY RAIN

Jose Mourinho is apparently so keen on being manager at Manchester United, that he's taken to writing the 138-year-old club love letters. Well, at least one—a six-pager—sources told ESPN.

Mourinho was sacked as manager of Chelsea in December, after leading the side to a dismal 33.3 percent in 16 games of the 2015/16 season—the worst final season win percentage for a fired coach at Chelsea. And yet—just to prove to you that EPL couldn't be any more EPL—there are rumors that train wreck Mourinho is in the running to take the place of Louis van Gaal at the head of one of England's most venerated clubs, despite van Gaal leading Man U to a steady fifth place in the standings. Reputation, regardless of how stale, simply means that much in the league.

However, Mourinho allegedly has met some opposition in the front office of Manchester United, and so a little persuasion was in order. Cue the love letter. According to ESPN's sources, the letter includes not just a statement of desire, but also a pledge of conformity to Man U's values, and a detailed battle plan for his time leading the team.

The whole story, according to Mourinho's manager Jorge Mendes, is nonsense. Mendes issued the following statement in response to the rumors,

"It doesn't cross anyone's mind that a manager such [as] Jose Mourinho is writing letters to clubs, asking for a job. It's ridiculous and absolutely nonsense."

But note that Mendes only postulates that a "manager such [as] Jose Mourinho" situation is "ridiculous and absolutely nonsense," and doesn't come outright and say that Mourinho didn't do it. Oldest PR trick in the book. Let's just hope Mourinho's penmanship is as dapper as his fashion sense.