This 'Cheeseburger' Is Made Entirely of 9 Different Cheeses

Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. It's all cheese, stacked. No meat. Just cheese.
November 29, 2017, 10:30pm
Images courtesy hungryhouse

Hungryhouse, a food delivery service based in the United Kingdom, has decided to sell what it’s billed as “The Ultimate Cheeseburger” for one day only. If you're one of the lucky people living in the country who ordered it by Wednesday, November 29, you’d get it rushed to your doorstep by December 1.

Reportedly meant to satiate a party of four, it’s a burger by name only. In reality, it's a tower of nine—nine!—different cheeses stacked atop each other like Jenga blocks, fashioned in the likeness of a Quarter Pounder.


No, seriously: The “seeds" are small beads of mozzarella. The "patty" is a large disk of Camembert. "Tomatoes" of Red Leicester, curly "onion rings" of German smoked cheese. The "gherkins"? Babybel, baby! Some sweet "relish" of Stilton. “Lettuce” made of Eda and American cheese.

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Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. It’s all cheese. Genuinely nothing but cheese.

"The festive party season is fast approaching, so hungryhouse wanted to create a new alternative to the well-loved cheese board," a hungryhouse representative wrote MUNCHIES on Wednesday. "The burgers are limited edition, as they are delicately crafted for the festive season. They are available to arrive on the 1st of December to officially welcome the Christmas celebrations, as cheese is such a staple over the festive period."

Alrighty then. Pro tip for those of you who do end up with it this holiday season: Deconstruct this burger and make it into what we'd call a "cheese plate."