So, I Ran an Elementary School Protection Racket

"Anyway, here's Con Law."
December 6, 2018, 11:44pm
A group of well-manicured British aristocrats in postwar garb lounge on an equally well manicured lawn in front of an old country estate.
courtesy of Amazon

"I think this needs to be my Waypoint," says Austin Walker. "It's a podcast about the Constitution. It's called More Perfect and for its third season they made a music album about the Amendments. We have to talk about it." But first you have to listen to it and hours later you're wondering, "Is Austin pranking me right now?" Then you look at a clock and realize it's not hours later, you're only about 12 minutes into the first episode but it feels like the sun has left the sky and you can hardly hear the podcast anymore because the blood is roaring in your ears. Are they… are they making a sentence diagram of the 2nd Amendment?


On a slightly out-of-control episode of Waypoints, Rob has been watching Ordeal by Innocence and enjoying a fresh take on a classic mystery genre: Which posh asshole is murdering other rich dirtbags on an English country estate? Meanwhile, Patrick is working through his feelings about a new parenting trend: Parents who eat lunch at school with their kids. We also learn something strange about Rob. And finally, Austin has everyone listen to the latest season of More Perfect, a Radiolab podcast about the US Constitution. Dismay gives way to anger as we discuss the understanding of law, politics, and power that informs the podcast, and why it feels like such a poor answer to this moment in American political life.


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