This Tiny Adventure is a Perfect Slice of The Twilight Zone

‘Midnight Scenes: The Highway’ is ‘Thimbleweed Park’ artist Octavi Navarro’s pint-sized creepy adventure.
All images captured by author, courtesy Octavi Navarro

Octavi Navarro is an artist and developer best known for their gorgeous, detailed work on Pixels, Huh and Thimbleweed Park. Midnight Scenes: The Highway is a short-and-sweet adventure game made entirely by Navarro, with a strong The Twilight Zone flavor. Even the intro screen reads just like an episode introduction, all hard-boiled text and shots of whatever hapless protagonist is about to get zoned this time around.


In this game, that's a lady driving her car alone at night, on a dusty country road. Of course, she runs into both puzzles (it's an adventure game, after all), and creepiness, which starts with ominous posters and continues with a creepy, ruined farm. It continues beyond that as well, but I don't want to spoil anything.

All of it is done in gorgeous, monochrome pixel art, with a period-perfect soundtrack. You can grab the game on its page, and support the artist on Patreon.