Predicting the 2024 Hipster Starter Pack

When will we be free of the tyranny of tiny bows??
barry keoghan Billie Eilish hipster starter pack for 2024
Collage by Ana Lobo with photos via Getty Images.

Sometime in October, everyone at VICE put our collective heads together and came up with 31 signposts that define what it means to be a hipster in 2023, or whatever you want to call people who like mullets, natty wine and get overly excited about Grace Wales Bonner Sambas.

As we approach the end of the year, we’ve had to put some of our favourite things from the list into cold storage. (To those continuing to rock jorts in winter, we salute you – and to those whose tooth gems have somehow managed to survive the festive party season, you have our admiration.) To send off another year of silly trends, we thought it was only right to humbly throw forward a few predictions for 2024.


Tiny little bows everywhere

The tyranny of the tiny bow will continue well into 2024. Earrings, shoes, jumpers, husbands, potato croquettes: If in doubt, stick a ribbon on it. Expect to see Harry Styles wear some coquette-adjacent outfit in 2024 and watch everyone lose their minds.

Everyone suddenly getting “really into” fragrance

Someone tell Jeremy Fragrance: According to Instagram’s recent survey, “fragrance creators are on the rise, as over 1/4 of Gen Z plan to express themselves by discovering a signature scent in 2024”. 

Barry Keoghan is the new Paul Mescal

You can trace the precise moment of handover to the appearance of Saltburn’s finest cum-guzzler in a “slutty little vest” at the Academy Museum Gala.

Jazz bars

Along with other classy or crafty BEOs (big evening out). Because debauched BNOs are out, and culturally-enriching sober-adjacent events are in. (Mushroom drops at a late-night museum don’t count, right?)

Barry Can’t Swim is the new Fred Again

The Next Big Thing in emotional dance bangers that make you feel like you’re constantly coming up on life and love and, um, the drugs you’ve taken. See you in the Field of Dreams.

Dating a chef is the new dating a DJ

Oh, so you want an emotionally maladjusted night owl who keeps weird hours, is good with their hands, and has a problem with coke and commitment? This way to the kitchen, chef! 


Fluffy hair

A slight graduation from bed hair, this aesthetic allows you to dust your own skirting boards and mushroom lamp, finally.

Stüssy getting bigger and bigger and bigger

But more than half of the people wearing it still remaining completely unclear it’s pronounced “STEWWW SEEEE” and not “STUH SEE”. Feel free to correct your late-to-the-game friends for extra points.

Ballet-core turning into rhythmic gymnastics-core

Think buns held up with gel (instead of scrunchies), leotards, and those ribbons on sticks that look like cat toys.

Zippy-off trousers

As the weather becomes ever more unpredictable, gorp-y trousers that zip off into shorts and skirts will become everyday essentials. Waterproof, fireproof and earthquake-proof for every occasion. 

Scrunchie scarves

We keep moving up in the world of XL scrunchies, and this winter has been the season of the babushka scarf face-wrap. Next, expect to combine the two for a scarf that also keeps your hair in place. 

Back tattoos

Billie Eilish got a trippy back tat that basically covers her whole spine, so I got a trippy back tat that basically covers my whole spine.

Those joggers from Always Do What You Should Do


Holidaying in working class cities

Former snobs are really vibing that post-industrial, former mining town aesthetic ever since Chanel took their Metiers D’Art show to Manchester and gave the city’s working class style an old-money tweed twist. See you in Hull in 2024!