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The Best Deals at Huckberry's Giant Summer Sale on Clothes, Camping Gear, and More

From slick boots to self-cleaning water bottles to cricket protein powder, Huckberry's mega sale is full of stuff we want at up to 45% off.
Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

Huckberry is like that one friend who goes on the camping trip and makes everything feel effortless—more like a vacation, and less like a tent-tangling challenge. Which isn’t to say we don’t enjoy the frosted-tip, high-tech camping gear that makes us feel like we’re in Predator. But there’s a kind of sweet relief in the understated, classic designs of Huckberry's outdoor gear that speaks to the brain break we need this summer. Think Kinfolk in 4-D, or whatever the inside of Francis Mallmann’s (a.k.a. the “most interesting chef in the world”) closet looks like. Think of all the high-rustic personality jackets and hand-poured California candles that will compensate for our own lack of worldliness!


Sounds nice, right? Well, starting tomorrow, Huckberry is offering up to 45% off gear for men and women for Memorial Day, so you can start to build out that summer persona and update your wardrobe and home essentials with outdoor gear and summer wear that can smoothly take you from top of the mountain to the door of the bar. We want slip-on leather boots that won’t make us feel like babies, and a fast-drying Turkish towel to be our summer accomplice (they’re so thin, you can roll them up and take them anywhere). We want the dudes who don’t feel comfortable in summer short shorts to know that we see you, and we’ve found a pair of choice summer chinos instead. We want to be able to run into Werner Herzog at a secret forest pee-spot off Highway 1, and have him go, “Damn, mein dude. Nice watch.”

The Huckberry lords have kindly taken us by their exfoliated, organic-shea-butter-hydrated hands to give us a preview of the dealios dropping tomorrow [swishes wool parka]. 

Designed in Scotland, which must mean something

Military Jacket

Photo: Huckberry

It’s rugged as hell in the Highlands, right? We’ve seen enough car commercials with Black Keys songs to know that. This military-style, cotton jacket was designed in Scotland, and trampled by wildcats and highland cows for quality testing (prolly) by Edinburgh-based brand, Kesten Hare (sounds like whisky right?). But why spend a hundred bucks on this one, out of all the ones? [Points to all the Urban Outfitters military-style jackets]. Because this one is the pinnacle of high design that doesn’t feel over-designed. It has dual twill-bellowed pockets at the hip, an expansion pleat for holding gloves, a concealed button blanket, and (our favorite feature) runs purposefully roomier in design so you can layer.  Normally, it’s almost $300 with shipping. 


Kesten Hare Strathblane Jacket, $269 $109.98 at Huckberry 

You hate summer (because you feel better in pants than shorts)


Photo: Huckberry

That means you need a light and quick-drying pant, like a chino. This pair comes in three earthy colors, and is almost half-off of its OG price. Throw two in the cart, and give your wardrobe something other than denim to look forward to for nature walks and drinks at night. Want something a little more high-tech? These UV-protected pants are a little pricier but also super cool. And if you’re looking for something even more low-key? Go for the draw-string chino

Flint and Tinder Stretch Utility Chino, $98 $63.98 at Huckberry

The city-country boot

Cooper Boot

Photo: Huckberry

It’s a Chelsea cut made for the city, but with a little bit of Home on the Range energy that will mold itself to fit your feet from day one. The Cooper Boot is handmade in Leon, Mexico (the heart of their boot-making industry) and is given all the bells and whistles of an intense outdoor boot (including a stacked leather heel with a Vibram leather insert for grip) while retaining its low-key design. Get dirt on it, spill beer on it—it’ll be just fine.  

Cooper Boot $198 $128.98 at Huckberry 

Great for a date (or a skate)

Knickerbocker Overshirt

Photo: Huckberry

Made by NYC skaters, for NYC skaters. “Knickerbocker kickstarted their way into existence as a brand making premium, small-batch apparel out of an old factory in NYC,” explains Huckberry, and this pre-shrunk, heavyweight overshirt is definitely what the Cooper Park boys could wear to cocktail hour. Or not. 


Knickerbocker CPO Overshirt, $295 $117.98 at Huckberry

The massage gun to blast away post-workout soreness

KraftGun Force

Photo: Huckberry

You've probably heard of the cult of Theragun, the deep-muscle massager athletes swear by to help them recover from a particularly grueling workout. Now, there are tons of similar high-end massage guns on the market, each with their own special features. This one from Kraft Gun is a whopping $120 off, has a special silent design so it doesn't sound like you're jackhammering through a flesh slab, and has the craziest battery life out there, offering three and a half hours of use on a single charge. Plus, it's lightweight enough to bring on the go, and has three speeds for customizing your experience. 

KraftGun Force, $489 $369.98 at Huckberry

A self-sanitizing water bottle 

Larq Self Sanitizing Water Bottle

Photo: Huckleberry

Water: We all know we should drink more of it, we all kinda forget, and we all try to incentivize ourselves by getting a Nalgene or whatever that we inevitably leave in a hot car or gym bag and then it reeks of mildew and we worry we got a brain amoeba. (That's a universal experience, right?... Right?) Anyway, not a problem with the LARQ, a high-tech water bottle with a built in LED purification system. That's right; it sanitizes itself, using "the same technology that hospitals use to quickly and efficiently sterilize emergency rooms." Perfect for camping, it even has an "adventure mode." Stop wrecking the planet by buying cases of Smartwater, and get thee a Larq. 


Larq Self Sanitizing Water Bottle, $118 $99.98 at Huckberry

Protein powder with a secret ingredient

Hi! Protein Powder

Photo: Huckberry

At first glance, Hi! looks like another well-branded protein powder, with its handy serving packets and cheerful colors. It's dairy-free, contains prebiotics to go easy on your stomach, and oh yeah, by the way, it's made with crickets. It's 2021, baby—we aren't shy about eating bugs. Whatever, it tastes like any other chocolate or vanilla powder, and probably even better. The rest of the 13 good-for-you ingredients include pumpkin seeds, brown rice, coconut milk, and pea protein, and hey—it's keto-friendly. 

Hi! Protein Powder - 20 Servings, $60 $41.98 at Huckberry

House shoes that sure beat your holey socks 

Rhodes Footwear

Photo: Huckberry

Sorry that we even need to point this out for the eight billionth time, but a lot of us are spending a lot more time at home, and we've upped our loungewear game accordingly. House shoes are a must; these super-popular and comfy Rhodes slippers are nearly half off, will last you for years, and are easily kicked on or off under your new WFH desk

Rhodes Footwear Wool House Shoe, $138 $68.98 at Huckberry

A candle that takes your nose to the West Coast

Aden Candle

Photo: Huckberry

The experience of driving California’s Highway 1 is such a rich sensory smorgasbord, it’s almost rude. There’s nothing like the smell of the marine layer in Santa Barbara, or the old-growth redwoods of the Bay Area, but this hand-poured candle comes damn close. Made by the artisanal candle folk at Aden, the Highway 1 Candle is hand-poured to recreate that nostril party of sunshiny, earthy serotonin—so you can feel like you’re on the Pacific Coast wherever you are. (Yes, this is your hint to buy it for that person who would love it). 


Highway 1 Candle, $32 $24 at Huckberry

Get a towel that doubles as a picnic blanket

Anatolia Turkish Towel

Photo: Huckberry

Or a shawl. There’s no setting this multi-tasking towel can’t adapt to, because Turkish towels are so light, thin, and fast-drying, that we’ve been slowly busting moves to replace all our heavy winter towels with them.  

Anatolia Turkish Towel, $42 $22.98 at Huckberry

Bring a sexy salad bowl to the picnic

Tsuki Usagi

Photo: Huckberry

Be that person. The one with a mixing/grazing/cereal bowl that’s the product of nearly 100 years of Japanese craftsmanship. Tsuki Usagi’s porcelain enamel wear goes with everything, and its steel core means you can’t bend or ding it on the next camping trip.  

Tsuki Usagi Enamel Bowl, $44 $29.98 at Huckberry 

Is this a puzzle, or therapy?


Photo: Huckberry

‘Scuse us whilst we reach the 10th plane of Highest Self through this gradient puzzle, rivaled only in hypnotic beauty by that one time we made eye contact with a dolphin.  

Areaware Gradient Puzzle, $25 $17.98 at Huckberry

You’re also a boxer (at heart)

Track Shorts

Photo: Huckberry

You’ll hit the waves a few times this summer, but you also spend a lot of time pounding the sand bag at Overthrow Boxing Club, day drinking in the city, and making late-night runs to the bodega. You need swim shorts that straddle every scenario, don’t look like they only belong in the pool, yet come full circle with your Adidas pool slides. Pair it with a chunky sweater, a t-shirt, or no shirt.

RVCA Breakout Elastic Swim Short, $55 $40.98 at Huckberry

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