filipino christmas party
Illustrations by Prianka Jain.
Holidays 2019

Filipinos Describe Their Most Embarrassing Office Christmas Parties in 6 Words or Less

“Drunkenly told my boss I quit.”

Office Christmas parties are always awkward. Coming from a corporate setting, you now have to interact with coworkers like you’ve been the best of friends all year. Some are too tired to celebrate a tough work year, while others are just waiting for the right time to dash and start their holiday break early. You’re all stuck, so what else is there left to do but drink or get into some weird Christmas traditions? These, as cringey as they are, at least make for great conversation starters the next time you all see each other.


VICE Australia asked people about their most embarrassing office Christmas parties; seeing as the holiday is the most important one in the Philippines (and because we want in on the dirt), we decided to ask Filipinos the same thing. And they had to sum it all up in six words or less.

Spilled wine on boss in white - Lexie, 27

Co-worker found my tasteful nudes - Jared, 23

Transforming into a mad dancing queen - Paola, 29

The theme was denim on denim - Silka, 22

Walked on stage, name wasn’t called - Carla, 27

Forgot to buy your exchange gift - Xavier, 26

Mocha Uson was the host - Fae, 24

Had to wear my sister’s shorts - Degs, 26

Fought someone over Kanye’s best album - Anna, 23

Everybody saw hotdogs in my puke - Felix, 25

Officemate ex, love song karaoke. Stares. - Andrew, 26

Won a hotel stay; I’m single - Karla, 24

Had to take drunk boss home - Mika, 28

Said dinner tasted bad, boss heard - Kyla, 35

Was forced to dance by bosses - Mike, 26

Drunkenly told my boss I quit - Kim, 23

They thought I was an intern - Carl, 22

teachers high on christmas brownies

Teachers high on Christmas brownies - Narciso, 26

Accidentally played sexual song on speakers - James, 23

Boss caught me rolling a blunt - Ria, 24

Celebrated alone; I work from home - Romeo, 27

Bad drunken karaoke. Bullied for years - Leon, 32

Passed out; parents picked me up - Kim, 25

Fell down the stairs and cried - Micah, 29

Got too flirty with the janitor - Alex, 24

Drunk-sprayed boss with carpet cleaner - Hannah, 23


Drunkenly declared free coffee for everyone - Carmina, 27

Failed attempt to ask for promotion - Michael, 36

Drunkenly sobbed to boss about break-up - Jill, 29

Punched a co-worker I disliked - Joaquin, 30

Diarrhea explosion that everyone heard - Mara, 22

Wardrobe malfunction, dress ripped in half - Cara, 34

Realised my job was a joke - Dindi, 26

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