Check Out Photos from VICE Gaming and Joypad’s Super Warehouse Party


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Check Out Photos from VICE Gaming and Joypad’s Super Warehouse Party

Beats and bleeps, indie thrills and retro spills – we turned London's Hoxton Arches into the best arcade ever.
December 8, 2015, 11:40am

On Saturday, December 5th, VICE Gaming teamed up with London's gaming party crew Joypad (who you really should check out, here) to throw an absolute banger of a bash at Hoxton Arches, Super Warehouse. Mixing brand-new indie games with retro classics spanning console generations, the night's soundtrack provided by an array of acclaimed beat-makers and the booze flowed as only it can on a weekend: abundantly.


In the back room, on the decks and all manner of other flashing-lights-everywhere gear, we had Slugabed, Sega Bodega, FAIK (listen to his specially produced Super Warehouse mix) and Shirobon, plus Noisey DJs dropping the throwback R&B hits for the final hour of the night. (If you didn't leave with "Re-Rewind" in your head, you left early.) And how good were the interactive visuals, seriously? (Very, and if you want to know more, click here.)

Out front was a veritable buffet of gaming delights, from the LED dungeon crawler Line Wobbler – quite the hit as it turned out – and super-competitive Nidhogg to forthcoming indie titles like Action Henk and Enter the Gungeon (thanks to Curve and Devolver, plus the other indie developers who came down, for the pre-release treats). Joypad provided a massive library of older games to choose from, covering everything from the NES and Mega Drive to the PSOne and GameCube. Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament, Super Smash Bros. Melee and many more classics were powered up and played from doors until kick-out time.

Photographer Theo McInnes came down to shoot the action. Find him online here, and also on Twitter.

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