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Bill Cosby Admitted That He Bought Quaaludes to Give to Women He Wanted to Have Sex With

He testified about the drugs in a 2005 lawsuit.

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It turns out back in 2005, Bill Cosby said on record that he obtained Quaaludes specifically so he could give them to women he was trying to have sex with, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press on Monday.

Back in 2005, Cosby was testifying in a sexual abuse lawsuit, which he later settled for an unknown amount of money. In the testimony, he admitted to giving the plaintiff in the lawsuit three half-pills of diphenhydramine, which can cause drowsiness, dizziness, and blurred vision. According to the AP, he did not give the plaintiff the Quaaludes—instead, he used those on at least one unnamed woman, and "other people."


The AP's Maryclaire Dale wrote that her efforts to obtain the transcript of Cosby's testimony were hindered by Cosby's lawyers, who objected because the release was likely to "embarrass" Cosby.

The plaintiff in the case was an employee of Philadelphia's Temple University, where Cosby spent 32 years on the board of trustees. He resigned in December of last year.

That plaintiff, however, was just one of many accusers.Entertainment Tonight records 39 women who have at least informally claimed that Cosby sexually assaulted them, or attempted to do so, with the earliest alleged incident having occurred in 1969.

Cosby has never faced criminal charges of sexual assault.

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