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Action Bronson is A Food and Rap Shaman

We asked the don of Flushing, Queens for guidance for grown ups who can’t cook for shit.

Action Bronson aka Arian Asllani is living his dream. With a solid career as a rap star and a food show host, he says from sunny Los Angeles that he’s, “blessed to have hit on a winning fucking formula”, that combines his love for travel, food, music and hanging with his oldest friends.

Ahead of his headline Australian tour and the new season of Fuck, That’s Delicious we catch up with the don of Flushing, Queens to discuss the genius of Paul Rosenberg, his daughter’s love for Frozen and begged for guidance for grown ups who can’t cook for shit.


Noisey: The new season of Fuck, That’s Delicious is a wild food romp. Do you feel the same about food and rap as when you first started out?
Action Bronson: Yeah I do. I feel like it’s all brand new. Whenever I get out on that stage and see the crowd it’s like a crazy hit of drugs, like I’m on coke or something. There’s so much more I want to do and there’s so much more food in this world I want to eat! I wish I could do Fuck, That’s Delicious forever.

Are there any regions that want to get to?
Sicily. I’m dying to go to Brazil and dying to go to South East Asia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and then there’s Africa. I want to go everywhere.

Do your kids listen to your music and watch the show?
They love it, It’s crazy my daughter can sing every word to Easy Rider but after they switch it off, I’m just Daddy.

One of the best things about having kids must be educating them on music and culture. Do you try to protect them from the corny shit or is it unavoidable?
You know naturally they’re going to like what they like but my daughter is choosy she recently stopped liking Justin Bieber but I think they may be back on as of today (laughs), she loves Sia and Rihanna and Beyonce and of course she loves all that Disney shit.

Is she on that Frozen tip? It’s like crack for kids.
Yeah she walks around the house singing all the songs.

It’s been about a year since you released Mr. Wonderful. I’ve found it can take about that long to get a chance to reflect on it and process everything, overall how did you feel about your first major label record release?
At the end of the day it was my ninth record that just happened to be on a major and it’s all learning process, you take on what you did right and where you fucked up but I’m proud of the work that I did, it was hard. Now I’m on to the next one, it’s actually almost done, it only took me ten times to make the first record (laughs).


Is our unquenchable thirst for content unsustainable or does it make us work harder?
It makes us work! You can’t be lazy and you have to do things that matter and are important to you. Food and travel and eating with my friends is this combination of the two worlds I came up in and we’ve hit on this winning fucking formula. We’ve managed to just mix what we love and we’re trailblazing a new type of television that’s never been done.

You are managed by Paul Rosenberg. I imagine he has a world of advice for you. What is your relationship like day to day?
Just before I jumped on the call with you I was talking to Paul. We’re going to go get dinner later. We talk every day, I mean we started as friends and it built into a bigger love. What you need in a manager is someone who believes in you, will fight for you and then execute…. Paul is all of that.

You charisma is one your trademarks. Have you always had the power to hold a room?
It’s come with age. I was shy when I was younger like I never wanted to be in the school play or draw attention to myself but as you grow you get to a point where you say, ‘fuck it, this is who I am’ and then everything just clicks.

What are you most excited about in food and rap in 2016?
Discovering things from the old days that I’ve never been exposed to or could imagine. I’ve been hanging out with Alchemist and he has been playing me this selection of records he has spent weeks and months digging up. It blows my mind. Food wise the most exciting thing is Fuck, That's Delicious (laughs) no contest.

Cooking a meal for someone fills me with anxiety and dread but I truly want to learn the basics. What advice can you give me?
Hmm, you know what we are going to do when I get out there? We’ll do a full instructional how-to video on all of your favourite cuisines and then you’re not going to have a problem ever again. You’ll be cooking like a pro for your significant other, mother, brother, sister without a worry in the world.

You’re going to be my chef angel!
I’m going to be your food shaman. Food shaman I like that. I’m going to get that going on the internet and maybe tweet it and change my handle or something.

Action Bronson Australia and New Zealand 2016:
March 7 – Perth at Villa Nightclub
March 10 – Brisbane at the Met
March 13 – Sydney at the Enmore
March 15 – Melbourne at the Forum
March 19 – Auckland at Auckland City Limits, Western Springs

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