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Nas & Amy Winehouse: "Cherry Wine" Video

A classy video for a classy ass track.
October 2, 2012, 2:00pm

Yeah, I mean this isn't going to win any awards for groundbreaking cinematics in a music video, but Nas' visual offerings for Life Is Good have pretty unashamedly been all about the glossiness. For example: Nas in a nice suit, Nas by a nice leather couch, Nas admiring the high-quality light fittings, Nas drinking cognac you'd have to remortgage your house to sip, Nas flaunting the results of his outrageously good skincare regime. Rinse and repeat.


So for "Cherry Wine", he's taken the glossiness and added the extremely loose theme of being bartender to some outrageously preened woman. But the real treat, of course, is Ms. Winehouse's appearance, as she lives on via a ghostly projection on the walls. In short, it's a classy video for a classy as shit track.