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Ah, The Beauty of a New Zealand Court Listening to "Lose Yourself" in Silence

Put this one in the Tate Modern.

By now, we're all across the fact that Eminem is suing New Zealand's leading political party. We should all now be aware that Eminem and his writing partner have called the National Party's 2014 election advert soundtrack a "blatant rip-off" of the iconic 2002 ode to the rapper's mom's spaghetti. And none of this it at all surprising, of course, since Earth is now officially in its post-rational era, so everything goes and nothing confounds. Not even footage of the co-composer of "Lose Yourself" playing the song's riff live in court on an acoustic guitar with intense sincerity and concentration.


But let's just forget the whys and what fors for the moment. Forget context. Forget about reasoning and process. Lose yourself in the moment: lean back, mentally check out, and enjoy the bizarre beauty of a New Zealand court—judge, lawyers, witnesses—having to listen to "Lose Yourself" by Eminem in full, in silence, with absolute earnestness.

It's a masterpiece. Put it in the Tate Modern.