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VICE Launches 'The New Queer'

'The New Queer' is a series on queer culture and identity today.

Header Illustration by Kelsey Wroten

Today, our friends at launched The New Queer, a series of articles and short videos that explore what it means to be queer in 2016 (and, very soon, in 2017) and the many ways that queer culture and queer identity is shifting.

From the welcome letter:

"If anything, queer culture is merely changing—adapting to a society where being queer (or loving and befriending queer people) is the new normal; one where we have cultural acceptance without political justice; one where the interplay between assimilation and resistance has made it an increasingly peculiar time to identify as LGBTQ. And in this series of articles, which we're calling The New Queer, we're exploring the manifold ways that people embody queerness and queer culture amid all this change."

There are pieces on surviving the Trump administration, on the rebirth of the queer dance floor, on trans narratives, and much more.

And if you have to ask why we're promoting this on Waypoint, well, you picked a pretty great day for that. We care about the culture that surrounds us, about queer folks in gaming culture, and the issues that shape our lives.