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Miami Mais New Vid Datamoshed Our Faces Off

and the Activia Benz new kid writes some twonked out dance tunes as well.
August 15, 2014, 8:45pm

If twonked out, post-everything beat music is your game, then Slugabed's Activia Benz label should be your ultimate jawn. Italian upstart Miami Mais fits right into the catalogue, and his video for "Keep One Thing" is pretty much a visual manifestation of the way the music sounds, replete with datamoshed imagery of pugs and VR dinosaurs and swirling capsules in the background. It made us feel like an overgrown toddler hopped up on legal hallucinogens.


One of the most rad things about the track is its usage of space and silence amidst all the disparate sounds. Also, it makes us dance and weirds us out at the same time, which is pretty much what we're all about. We like to feel strange. Speaking of strange, this is what El Slug De Bed had to say:

"Miami Mais is from the sunny southern end of Italy, and writes music that is sunny, fun and also a bit ridiculous. He claims his cooking is better than his music, and I'm salivating at the thought because his music is truly fantastic and also I am hungry cos I didn't have lunch."

"'A Popcorn Diet', out 1st September on Activia Benz, is an EP bursting with flavour. It's sweet and salty all at once. Actually it's as though somebody poured some skittles into the popcorn or some shit. Mental."

Miami Mais on FB // Soundcloud
Activia Benz on FB // Soundcloud

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