• A Doggie Day Out at Berlin's Annual Pug Race

    Every year, hundreds of Germans and their faithful pets gather to celebrate the snorting, snuffling cutie of the dog kingdom.

  • I Attended a Pug Pool Party in Staten Island

    Every year, the Staten Island Pug Meetup hosts a pug pool party where pug lovers can watch pug swimming races and eat pug lollipops. Luckily for everyone who missed the event, I took these pictures.

  • Miami Mais New Vid Datamoshed Our Faces Off

    and the Activia Benz new kid writes some twonked out dance tunes as well.

  • Hello Buddy!

    Here are some selected highlights from a upcoming book by Ben Rayner. It's going to be called Hello Buddy! because that's what Ben says to dogs when he sees them on the street. These dogs here are all reacting to him saying: "Hello buddy!"