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The Coolest New Drops This Week, From Adidas Slides to Dope ‘Dune’ Gear

Rake in Wrangler's 'Rick and Morty' gear, APL's 'Dune' kicks, and Balenciaga's crazy Croc stilettos.
October 29, 2021, 8:51pm
the best october collabs including crocs and bodega and wrangler
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Ohhh! Look who it is! Get in here and have a vodka tonic, scamp! It’s the end of the week, which means it’s yet again time for our ~compilation station~ of the interweb’s coolest new drops and launches. Last week, we saw Lisa Says Gah clogs, Great Jones mixing bowls that gave us a personality, stoner-cool fleece jackets from Urban Outfitters, and many other sick items that scream, “we’re cozy, hot, and unbothered.” 

Now, we cover the best drops on the web every week, from Grateful Dead aprons to outdoorsy water bottles that could survive Krakatoa, and they always give us life—but this week’s drops in particular have made us swoon to the moon and back. (How often do you get to wake up to Balenciaga X Croc high heels?) This week, the fashion bounty is truly a lucid dream come to life with fresh Marmot parkas, an APL X Dune capsule collection to bring us that much closer to Timmy, and more. 

Read on for our favorite drops this week in streetwear, bath essentials, vibrators, and everything else that’s really toasting our pumpkin seeds on this fine H-ween weekend. 

LEGO takes on the 'Home Alone' house

The thing about LEGOs is that we all secretly love building shit, even if we don’t think we do. It’s hardwired into our DNA (probably). You know what else we all love? Home Alone. Plus, if you start this 3,955 LEGO Ideas Home Alone house when it drops on November 1, you’ll be finished just in time to rewatch the movie the first time it snows. (If you don’t live in a place where it snows, you can always escape to a chillier pad.)


Home Alone House

Marmot’s Mammoth parkas come in new colors

Not that we don’t love a classic black winter parka, but having a jacket the color of the sun on acid is a surefire way to boost your serotonin in the winter, and Marmot’s iconic parkas now come in a variety of colors so you can look like the hottest little traffic cone parading down 5th Avenue. 


Men's Mammoth Parka

APL knows we're all obsessed with 'Dune'

Don’t you hate it when you’re about to mount a sandworm, and you get some spice in your Tevas? So annoying. Athletic Propulsion Labs has partnered with the new Dune filmotherwise known as that New Space Movie with Oscar Isaac and Some People (fight me) where Chalamet's character eventually plucks his eyes out and fucks a sandworm—to create an athleisure collection worthy of Arrakis. Is it just us, or does it feel almost Yeezy-esque? Into it.   

Athletic Propulsion Labs

Men's TechLoom Bliss Arrakis

These iconic vibes all got an upgrade

The vibrator wunderkids at Womanizer just launched three new editions of the Premium 2, Classic 2, and Starlet 3 vibrators that includes new colorways, and fine-tuned upgrades on the features we dig. The autopilot technology on the Premium 2, which allows users to let the toy navigate intensity levels on its own? BOOSTED. The intensity levels of the Classic 3 and Starlet 3? BOOSTED. If you’ve been eyeing a Womanizer clitoral vibrator for a minute but waiting to smash that order button, congrats.   


Premium 2 Clitoral Vibrator

Parachute X OSEA

How we love to see two Californian women-owned brands join forces, baby. Parachute makes the kind of bedding you contemplate stealing from the 5-star hotel, and OSEA has been at the forefront of the natural skincare movement for over 20 years. Together, they have created two shower mists that will give your Landlord Special bathroom the spa treatment you both deserve. There’s an “energizing” mist with notes of sweet orange, ginger, and lime, and a “calming” mist with Bulgarian lavender and bergamot. Don’t blame us if your BFF won’t stop sniffing your hair.    

OSEA for Parachute

Energize and Calm Shower Mist Set

Bodega’s new drops bring streetwear to the kitchen

Maybe if Prufrock measured out his life with Bodega measuring cups and a Coleman Thermos collaboration, he would’ve had more game. If you eat a cake that's been made with Bodega kitchen accessories, it will automatically teach you how to dab; if you slurp from a Coleman X Bodega thermos, your stomach will be lined with rise-with-the-sun wrought iron.  


Measuring Mug

Bodega X Coleman


Wrangler x Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty, Rick and Morty, Rick, Rick—wait, did you catch the back of that denim jacket? In the fall collaboration we truly didn’t know we needed, Rick and Morty and Wrangler have joined forces to give the people what they need this soup season: cozy, cooked ass ‘fits that will look as good on the streets as they will chilling indoors. Don’t forget to peep Wrangler’s note from legal, which reads, “Wrangler jeans are indestructible against the NX-5 Planet Remover but have not been tested against vats of acid, portal guns, cloning machines, or shrink rays.”

Wrangler X Rick and Morty

Laser Denim Jacket

Wrangler X Rick and Morty

Stylized Sweatshirt

Adidas plaid slides

Well, well. Look who finally had haggis for breakfast. We live and die in our Adidas slides; they’re the best 21st-century iteration of The Dude energy a person could hope for. The fact that they now come in tartan? Consider our bagpipes TOOTED. 


Adilette Plaid Slides


Adilette Slides

Tommy Hilfiger x Timberland

How has this collaboration, which is truly a match made in 90s nostalgia heaven, not happened yet?? Tommy Hilfiger brings the prep, and Timberland brings the outdoorsy framework for boots with a pop of rich primary colors, yellow hoodies that belong on a yacht, and more.

Tommy X Timberland

Organic Cotton Zip-Off Pant

Balenciaga x Croc stilettos

Deceased. Bury us in these Croc stilettos by Balenciaga, please—or better yet, pull a Weekend at Bernie’s and have us do the Monster Mash all the way to the grave. Once again, the luxury brand proves that no one is having more fun in high fashion, and we’re here for it. 

Balenciaga X Crocs

Women's Crocs

See you next week, boys and ghouls. 

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