Monthly Horoscope: Taurus, February 2024

You’re achieving a lot this month!

Aquarius season, which started last month, is an important time for you, dear Taurus. During this time, the sun moves through your chart’s house of fame and legacy, bringing you attention from your boss, parents, or adoring fans. This period helps to clearly define who you are and your life’s purpose.


Hypothetical conversations allow you to explore your options as messenger Mercury connects with dreamy Neptune on February 2. This is an educational aspect that can define your beliefs about the future and clarify how you feel about your goals.

Your title is getting a tune-up on February 5, when Mercury enters your chart’s house of career. This can start new conversations about your title and how you define yourself in the public eye. Update your CV.

Also on February 5, Mercury meets Pluto, the planet of secrets, which can put you in a position of power and authority. You can be very considerate about how you share your thoughts and opinions, but they will still be polarizing. Keep your head screwed on tight!

You’re breaking out of what is expected of you on February 7 as your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of surprises. You’re able to branch out, broaden your horizons, and be innovative. You have a charming way of standing up for what you believe in, and acting virtuously as action planet Mars connects with dreamy Neptune, also on February 7.

The new moon in your chart’s house of career and reputation on February 8 brings a new start, changing your life’s direction. How you show up in the world is transforming. During this new moon, both the sun and moon square off with Uranus, the planet of surprises, which gives you the antsy feeling that anything can happen. You’re able to break the mold and create a path that is custom suited to your own experience and personal history.


Big conversations and ideas are unfolding on February 10 as Mercury clashes with Jupiter, the planet of philosophy. This can change your perspective and beliefs through experience or education. How you define yourself and your position in the world is evolving.

You’re motivated to make important moves starting on February 13 when warrior Mars enters your chart’s house of legacy and career, charging your battery. You’re getting a second wind and taking charge of things! Also on February 13, your planetary ruler Venus connects with Neptune, which can put you in a good position to ask for whatever your heart desires. You are very convincing, determined, and feeling cute on this day!

Your determination is amplified on February 14 when Mars meets with Pluto. Make sure you’re not taking things too far, because the domino effect is real on this day. A gentle push can be enough, and your partners will take care of the rest.

Your relationship to the public improves when Venus enters air sign Aquarius on February 16. During this transit, you can boost your reputation or do things that make your work and accomplishments look prettier. Also on February 16, you’re having breakthrough ideas as Mercury clashes with Uranus, the planet of invention. Any problems or conflicts are actually opportunities for creation and ingenuity.


You’re experiencing some publicity or career event for the first time in your lifetime on February 17, when Venus meets with Pluto in Aquarius. How do you feel about your own power and authority? What do you want to have control over, and what would you rather let live? 

Celebrate good times when Pisces season begins on February 19. During Pisces season, the sun moves through your chart’s house of hopes and dreams, and it’s a time to see your dreams as a reality. This is also your chart’s house of social networking, so it’s an opportune moment to be with your friends and community.

You have a lot of motivation to live up to your potential as Venus meets with Mars at the very top of your chart on February 22. This is a high performance aspect, and can also be a moment of making your relationships public or giving new meaning to your work relationships.

Invitations and plans are all underway as Mercury enters Pisces on February 23, bringing interesting gossip, news through the grapevine, and opportunities to discover new connections, clubs, and groups.

The full moon in Virgo on February 24 illuminates your chart’s house of flings, friendships, and creativity. This is also the sector of your chart concerning children; your own or any other children in your life. Full moons bring things to completion or fulfillment, and this one can be a satisfying day for your relationships, social connections, and creative work. On February 24, Venus clashes with Jupiter, which gives you extra confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your reach. Change is happening, for the best!

Extra motivation and energy arrives on February 27 as Mars clashes with Jupiter. This is a high energy aspect, giving you extra focus and stamina to achieve greatness. 

Your long-term plans are becoming clear. Your responsibilities and tasks are defined and made known on February 28 as Mercury meets with the sun and Saturn, revealing information about how you can work toward the future that you envision. You might be playing it safe or being very realistic about your time constraints and what would have to be sacrificed in order to make your dreams come true. You’re being practical about how much time you have as the sun meets with Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries.

While you know that time is of the essence, you’re still able to think of your future and potential with a lot of faith in yourself on February 29, when Mercury connects with Jupiter. Knowing your and others’ limitations allows you to strategize and make smart connections to get the ball rolling.

Good luck, Taurus, and see you in March!