Pisces Personality Traits: Everything You Need to Know

Last on the zodiac wheel, but not least in our hearts: the fish!

This year, Pisces season spans February 18, 2024, to March 19, 2024, making it a whimsical, creatively inspired time of year. If you’re a Pisces, have Pisces placements, or are interested in someone who belongs to the sign of the fish, this article will fill you in on this magical water sign.

Pisces is ruled by lucky planet Jupiter and dreamy Neptune, and it’s what’s referred to as a mutable sign. Mutable signs fall at the end of a season, and in Pisces' case, that’s winter. In fact, Pisces doesn’t just end the season, but ends the entire zodiac wheel! 


Being last in line on the zodiac actually contributes to much of Pisces' mystique: Astrologers describe Pisces as having awareness of the trials and triumphs of all 11 preceding zodiac signs. This may be why they are so sympathetic and intuitive! Being the last zodiac sign and ending the wheel also evokes an awareness of the great unknown—and Pisces is associated with The Moon in the Tarot, which can symbolize mystery and shadow. Of course, we know the wheel starts all over again at Aries, but there’s still a bittersweet feeling of the wheel coming to an end, perhaps contributing to Pisces sensitivity and emotionality. 

How to spot a Pisces

You can spot a Pisces by their eyes. Are they sparkling with wonder? Wide and glittery like a carp? Freshly wet with tears? Adorned with glitter? Portals into another dimension? Perhaps with each turn of their face, their eyes morph into something new. 

If a Pisces doesn’t want to be spotted, you may not catch a glimpse of them at all. They are masters of blending into a crowd—it would seem they have access to an invisibility cloak. But if Pisces is in the mood to make a scene, their presence can be especially grand and glamorous! When they’re not daydreaming or writing poetry, they can be the life of the party. They are generous of spirit; people are attracted to their enigmatic mixture of depth and effervescence. 

The bestie you made in the bathroom of a nightclub at 2AM then never saw again might have been a Pisces. The childhood friend you haven’t seen in years until you ran into them on a train halfway around the world may be a Pisces. The person you kept seeing in the strangest of places, who eventually became one of the people closest to you, may be a Pisces. A Pisces could be the first person to pull a tarot for you, play you the record that changed your life, or understand your appreciation of something mystical or strange. 


Pisces and style

Pisces has a sense of fashion that can be costume-like, couture, retro, and a little magical. They try to send a message with their clothing, or use their wardrobes to enter other worlds. Their appearance is unforgettable, if not alternative. Their wardrobe is charming, playful, and not afraid of ornament.

Rihanna is a Pisces famous for not just her music but her iconic fashion sense. She is often seen floating on the carpet in cloud-like, gauzy, ethereal dresses, which speak to Pisces’s otherworldly aesthetic. Rhianna’s lingerie line also reveals the sexy side of the sign. Kurt Cobain is arguably the icon of the grunge movement, a scene where ripped jeans and thrift store flannels were the uniform. As decorative and glittery Pisces can be—Kesha comes to mind—their sense of fashion can also be quite simple, as if their clothing choices were a second thought. Of course, Cobain had his flashier side, too, wearing cat eyeglasses and animal print. Pisces are not afraid to take risks with their fashion, because it is a form of self-expression.

Pisces intellect and communication 

Pisces’s reputation is an interesting one: They are regarded as deep thinkers but are also often labeled as ditzy. Let’s start by exploring the latter. Pisces feel so much all at once that they can have a memory of a goldfish, so don’t take it personally if they are sometimes forgetful or seem like they are checked out. Their feelings can be so big that their attention span becomes warped, and they need to be mindful of time and appointments by keeping a planner or having physical reminders around them. 

Mixing profundity and ditziness is just one of the many ways Pisces can contain dualities. Their symbol is illustrated as two fish swimming in different directions: this bidirectionality reflects Pisces' many sides. Pisces can have their head in the clouds and be exploring oceanic emotions at the same time. They are also very good at making sense of conflicting information, so they can hold many ideas in their mind at once. They can understand a story from many perspectives. They may hold two perspectives at once and not feel conflicted about it. They know that everyone has their own version of the truth and that each point of view has its own value. 


Pisces can have their head in the clouds and be exploring oceanic emotions at the same time.

Pisces typically have a gentle way of speaking, sometimes very slow and deliberate. When they aren’t writing epic poems, they try to be clear and concise with their words. Their word choice and emoji curation expresses their desire for peace and harmony. They are expressive, communicative people and enjoy texting and calling their friends throughout the day. Pisces has a reputation for being flaky, but their propensity for chattiness usually keeps them in the loop with friends even if they momentarily dip.

Pisces at home

It is no surprise that creative Pisces is a huge fan of books, art, and movies, and their home is often a shrine to their favorite book, television, or film series. As private as Pisces can be, they can also be very hospitable, and they like to have a revolving door of houseguests, neighbors, and visiting family members. A happy home to Pisces is one that is filled with chatter. 

Pisces has likely experimented with sleeping on a water bed at least once. Speaking of beds, If the couch can’t be folded out into a comfortable place to sleep, it’s not going to be purchased—they love convertible furniture. They’re into their homes and furnishings being multifunctional, and they also love having unexpected items in unexpected places. A loveseat in the bathroom never hurt anyone, especially not Pisces.


Because they like to live in communion with their roommates instead of treating their flatshare like a hotel, they can be extremely selective about the roommate application process. They tend to value company and don’t want to spend too much time alone, so cohabitation is their ideal, whether that’s with family, roommates, lovers, siblings, or pets.

Pisces and their feelings

Pisces are very emotional. Like any of us, they can get struck down by waves of intense emotion. But, they are typically the mad scientists of feeling, capable of going deep into the ocean of their emotions without drowning, as though they have built a wacky submarine specifically for exploring emotional depth, where they can safely study their deepest emotions as if they were bioluminescent fish of the deep. If you have a Pisces friend, you’ll often find that they can compute your many feelings as if they were a little emotional calculator, spitting out the total sum of your experience back at you, teaching you about connections you hadn’t previously realized, details you had missed, and perspectives that were out of view.

Pisces and their art

Art is Pisces’s favorite pastime! They enjoy it in all forms and aren’t afraid to explore and experiment with different mediums. Making art and being creative come naturally to Pisces. They can be moody artists: One day, they’re whistling while they work, giggling at the art they are creating and feeling happy as a clam. The next day, they could be crying tears into their paints. The creative process isn’t always cheerful, but it flows out of them like water. Sometimes, they could feel quite detached from their creative process, then soon after, they’ll feel invigorated to explore new mediums and take risks. 

Everyone has creative blocks sometimes, but it’s more likely for Pisces to experience stage fright and nerves about sharing their art with others, or to have trouble holding themselves to high standards. They want their work to be respected and taken seriously.


Some astrologers describe Pisces as being wishy-washy, but the shark teeth can come out someone challenges their ability to create art.

Pisces is very protective over their art and their creative process. Some astrologers describe Pisces as being wishy-washy or even a doormat, but the shark teeth can come out someone challenges their ability to create art, whether that’s a lover who won’t leave in the morning and let them get to recording their next album, a teacher who doesn’t understand Pisces’s work, or society at large poopooing their process. 

Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s lush and sensual impressionist paintings exemplify the romance of Pisces, while Piet Mondrian’s abstract art highlights Pisces’s innovation and unique perspective. Spoken like a true Pisces, Mondrian said, "Art is higher than reality and has no direct relation to reality. To approach the spiritual in art, one will make as little use as possible of reality, because reality is opposed to the spiritual. We find ourselves in the presence of an abstract art. Art should be above reality, otherwise it would have no value for man."

Jordan Peele, Spike Lee, and Ron Howard are all Pisces filmmakers—the moving image is close to many a fish’s heart. Many Pisces are multitalented, like Queen Latifah, and feel very at home on stage, like Liza Minelli. Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes captivated a generation, and Pisces like Ashnikko and Madison Beer have gone viral on social media.


Pisces and friendship

Nothing lasts forever, but for Pisces, friendship is the realest, most steadfast aspect of existence! They take their friendships, and their participation in social groups, very seriously. If you are celebrating a milestone in your life, your Pisces friend is the most likely to show up. They’re the first one to recognize how important the moment is, and they’re ready to take your picture. Even if you might not think it’s a big deal, Pisces wants to congratulate you for how far you’ve come.

As eager as Pisces is to celebrate your success, they hope, too, that you’ll celebrate theirs. If they went to see your band play, they’d like it if you came to theirs. To them, this isn’t transactional: it’s what being a friend is about! If you’re disinterested in their achievements, they won’t be sure what to make of that: Winning isn’t everything, especially not to a Pisces, but friendship is probably the venue where Pisces most expects congratulations for work well done. Speaking of work, it’s within their career or within their professional aims that they often meet many of their friends, and they may be regarded as someone who holds the scene surrounding their field together.

Art and spirituality may also be major themes within the friendships they hold. What Pisces doesn’t love being given a personal tour of their city’s museum by an art-buff friend? What Pisces, sincerely or as a gag, isn’t longing to share a Ouija board’s planchette with a dear pal? 


Emotional depth is crucial in all their relationships, romantic and platonic. They need to be able to go deep with you, and they value friends who are trustworthy and willing to explore life’s intensity.

Pisces having fun

Pisces enjoys reveling in the carnivalesque. Life is like a circus, and when Pisces parties, they like to explore all the “oohs” and “aahs” life has to offer. Raves with ridiculous themes, art shows with surprising exhibits, dinner parties with unusual guests, weekend getaways to destinations unknown, a walk with a close friend in a familiar neighborhood where—somehow through the magic of their connection—the streets they pass look strangely new. 

DIY crafts and activities concerning the home, like gardening, decorating, or baking, are also typically of interest to Pisces. Being near, or in water, whether at the bathhouse or a river also often calls them. 

They often enjoy mingling at a public square or other space where many people gather and pass through: its liminality and its ability to host people from far and wide makes Pisces’s heart feel big. Pisces loves to be able to connect randomly with someone whose daily life looks totally different from theirs. Unlikely groups of people excite Pisces. They’re open to mingling with any and everyone. 

How to attract a Pisces

You want to win over a Pisces? They’re the type to fall in love at first sight, but you can draw out the honeymoon phase for the rest of your life, if you want. They are affectionate caretakers and are thrilled to have that same close attention in return.

Be a great chef, or at least be willing to order extravagant meals with them. If you can bake something from scratch, or cook anything more complicated than a sandwich, you’ll have their attention. 


What are your special interests? What have you researched deeply? Do you have a special box for your art supplies? Play that up. Pisces is deep, and they want you to be, too.

Pisces is the type to fall in love at first sight, but you can draw out the honeymoon phase for the rest of your life, if you want.

While they may have a sense of fanfare or glamor about them, they’re also into a fresh-faced, librarian look. You don’t have to wear your contacts around them if you don’t want to. They appreciate the beauty people have when they just roll out of bed—the raw and real is as attractive to them as the glitz and glam. Now, let’s be clear: “I woke up like this” energy is attractive to them, but being sloppy is not! They appreciate a sharp dresser, mostly because art and creativity is important to them, not so much labels or the cost of the outfit.

Perceptive Pisces isn’t only interested in outer beauty. Your soul has to be attractive to them, too. Emotionally complex people are Pisces’s jam. They know that feelings can be absurd, and they are happy to connect with someone who is able to explore and share their own wacky emotions.

Pisces people appreciate folks who are aware of the environment, in more ways than one. Being aware of your environment and knowing how to fit in with different people and scenes is key, but so is being aware of the environment, recycling your junk and not littering.


Dating a Pisces

They are very sentimental and emotional, but crave deep intellectual stimulation and need someone who is fun to banter with. They need someone who can talk. You don’t need to be a genius to have a conversation, just be willing to chat. Ask them questions. It can be as simple as, “How’s your day going?” Share a joke or riddle. Share something you learned that blew your mind.

Love is a mysterious gift that keeps giving with Pisces. Quality time, acts of service, and thoughtful gifts can come out of the relationship. They know how to melt into another person, achieving true intimacy and unity. This can be intimidating for those who are not ready for this sort of closeness.

It can take a while for Pisces to make up their mind about settling into a relationship. They do fall in love quickly, but the terms of a relationship can go back and forth. They might need to check it out from a distance and see the dynamic from different angles before finally accepting it. If they have a good feeling about you, they are not afraid to approach you with an open heart and open arms, but everything takes time to develop, even when Pisces finds themselves falling in love at first sight.

Unless there is a long history of trust, respect, and intimacy between you, Pisces can get turned off—and swim off—very quickly if things get stale, go sour, or if the vibes simply feel off. However, they will carry their feelings and memories of the love affair long after it’s over.


Pisces and ghosting 

It’s really a mixed bag with Pisces. Some are very confrontation-averse, and if they ghost you, it might be because they are worried about arguing with you. Fish are slippery, and ghosting might be a way that this slippery quality manifests for Pisces, but this is hardly always the case. Some Pisces are very confident in stating what they need, and they’ll straight up let you know that they aren’t interested in seeing you anymore, then move on with their lives without a second thought. Still, many Pisces, being that they are very sensitive and are emotionally deep, will offer you a time and place to meet to discuss the ins and outs of why something isn’t working, and will hold your hand until you’re done crying. There are all kinds of people in the world, and there are all kinds of Pisces!

Of course, some people will ghost if they lack communication skills or maturity, and others will ghost if past experiences have led them to feel that dipping out is the safest move for them.

Pisces and their daily routine

Believe it or not, go-with-the-flow Pisces can have a very firm routine! They may have their favorite morning walk, afternoon coffee shop stop, and evening cuddle with a pet and a specific tv show that they partake in day in and day out.

Pisces has a reputation for being passive. This might be one that they have cultivated because they really try to get along with everyone—plus, they’re extremely adaptable, and they know they can make nearly any situation work. Why argue for a certain paint color with a partner when they know they can make a room look amazing with any shade? They know when to pick their battles, and a life of war is not what Pisces has planned for themselves. But do not mistake this flexibility for a lack of motivation! Pisces have a very strong drive, and they often enjoy the process of getting from point A to point B with their goals.


If Pisces doesn’t have a strong opinion, they are very flexible, but when Pisces has one, they will stick to it.

In other words, if Pisces doesn’t have a strong opinion, they are very flexible, but when Pisces has one, they will stick to it. They can be very stubborn. But this stubbornness doesn’t reveal itself right away. Pisces knows the power of timing. They’ll let you paint the room whatever color you want… and when they don’t pitch in to make the room work, they’ll repaint it the color they’ve chosen after you’ve conceded that you were wrong. This knowledge of timing, the patience to wait, is one of Pisces’s great assets, and their daily routine could be set up around quite a few very long-term goals. 

The Astrology of Corecore

Pisces and school

Pisces are often interested in research, eager to dig beneath the surface and find the secrets buried beneath. This may find them studying archeology, psychology, medicine, science, or other subjects that center on research and discovery. Literature also draws romantic Pisces, and art is an obvious choice for this creative water sign.

They can be very serious students, but could also choose to pursue knowledge in a way that’s radically different from their peers. They are attracted to fringe ideas. They are happy to fact-check conspiracy theories, and they’re not afraid of playing with intellectual fire. Pisces are philosophical heavy-hitters. They are fearless in their thinking, which can give them the hottest takes.


Pisces and travel

Astrologers frequently describe Pisces as a passive, go-with-the-flow sort of zodiac sign. However, Pisces has a voice and isn’t the pushover some describe them to be. Often, it can be through travel that Pisces learns powerful lessons about advocating for themselves, whether it’s through sending back a dish they didn’t order in another language or asking for their aisle mate on the flight not to hog the armrest.

If Pisces decides to go somewhere far away, they don’t want to return home the same person they were. They can find a form of ego death through travel as they explore the farthest reaches of the world, and find themselves in places they could never even imagine. Travel, in and of itself, becomes a spiritual experience to Pisces in this way. They can find spiritual meaning through travel, or they could be interested in traveling to spiritually significant pilgrimage sights! Even if it’s not their religious practice, they are often interested in visiting places of worship or even the beginnings of religions.

Travel can also find Pisces exploring deep, intimate connections. If you ask Pisces for advice about love, they might tell you, “Don’t think you know them until you have gone on vacation with them!”

Pisces and work

Ideally, Pisces’s dream job is getting paid to be themselves, like a Kardashian or someone with celebrity status. In Pisces’s dream world, they are an influencer, or royalty, as their day job. But that might just be a Pisces pipe dream.

Some Pisces are extremely open and therefore cut out for generously sharing their lives with an audience or on screen. If they’re not celebrities themselves, they’re happy to work with celebrities or in showbiz. They could move into a profession that was their parents’, inheriting the family business or trade. The arts, of course, are often where Pisces find themselves, too.


They are able to use their voices in a way that can express their creative vision. Communication is an art to Pisces, and it is a sign that is present in the birth charts of many actors and comedians. By its modern rulership under the planet of film, Neptune, Pisces is connected to Hollywood and movie magic. Whether they are writing poetry or scripts, or creating storyboards and sets, Pisces has a clear artistic vision and a distinct voice. 

They are deep thinkers and cut out for work in the field of higher thought, education, publishing, or philosophy. What job will you have with that philosophy degree? Maybe a Pisces can tell you. They’d love a job with travel perks or that can fly them around the world! 

Regardless of their trade or job, Pisces is known for their altruism, worldview, and unstoppable beliefs. Their spirit and jolly attitude exceed their deeds, and the impression they leave behind can be much greater than themselves.

Pisces and finances

When Pisces first starts dealing with money, they may have some beginner’s luck managing their wealth. However, if they rush through organizing their budget, they could get frustrated in the end. The mature Pisces knows that slowing down and being thorough can save hours of time later! Many astrologers wouldn’t describe Pisces as materialistic, and it’s true, Pisces don’t really care about having stuff, but they love what they can do with their money, especially how they can support their family and community with it. They might find that they’re very confident when it comes to cash once they gain some experience managing and negotiating numbers. 

When it comes to managing debts, taxes, or other complicated finances, teaming up with someone can be a great benefit for them: teamwork often works well for Pisces and having a second opinion, a soundboard, or the wisdom of someone who has “been there, done that” can be very helpful for them, instead of diving into it alone.

Pisces luck with second-hand items might bolster their wealth, too. Leave it to a Pisces to find a designer item in a thrift store! And, being that they are so generous with others, they create many opportunities for people to be generous in return, too. 

Pisces and dreams

Pisces is often referred to as the dreamer of the zodiac, and this label works for many reasons. They often have their head in the clouds; they can be very abstract thinkers, very creative, as well as very hopeful people. They’re often looking to the future, dreaming of a better way for things to be. They may have a rich fantasy world, which can distract them from everyday life and inspire their art. They may also have a deep connection with the dreams they have at night: perhaps they keep a dream journal as a way of exploring their psyche, or maybe they look to their dreams at night as sources of creative inspiration. If you’re looking for an icebreaker during a discussion with a Pisces, ask them if they had any interesting dreams at night recently!

Pisces and secrets

Associated with The Moon in the Tarot—a card about the unknown—Pisces may have an interesting relationship to secrets. As a young child, they may have delighted in whispering things in a friend’s ear; however, watching other people do it around them may have inspired a lot of confusion! From an early age, they may have a deep understanding that secrets are not only a part of life, but that there is a way to navigate them, and that not every secret ought to be kept. As the last zodiac sign of the winter season, Pisces is a mutable sign, and mutable signs in general are famous for their communication skills. Pisces may have a lot of wisdom around secrets, their keeping, and their sharing.

Pisces and spirituality 

Pisces' two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, are very much connected to faith and spirituality. Jupiter is associated with preaching and the proliferation of myths, and Neptune is associated with the mystical. The community aspect of spirituality can be very attractive to Pisces, too. Perhaps they're in a study group for spiritual texts, or in a choir. 

The intersection between spirituality and quantum physics inspires them. The science surrounding religion intrigues them. Anthropological and sociological research about different religions is often something they like to read about, and they might be curious about research concerning life after death. Or maybe they are interested in the work of Carl Sagan, an astrophysicist who, by expressing the simply miraculous magnitude of our universe, can inspire wonder and praise for human life.