Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, November 2023

Welcome to Scorpio season, dear Cancer!

Scorpio season brings your focus to your leisure activities as the sun transits your chart’s house of hobbies, creativity, and social life. There’s a lot to celebrate and be happy about as the sun faces off with jovial Jupiter on November 3. Themes of friendship and community are on the table. Relationships might be a little confusing as Venus faces off with dreamy Neptune that same day. Challenges of aligning your political, spiritual, or moral views with your social life can come up.


You might feel extra stubborn about sticking to your beliefs and opinions as Saturn, the planet of rules and regulations, ends its retrograde on November 4. This can help you firm up some things that feel more nebulous or conceptual, and find a working definition that feels secure. This might also bring up legal or bureaucratic delays. Look out for surprise news and weird conversations, especially online, as Mercury faces off with Uranus, the planet of disruption, on November 4. Unusual friendships or social dynamics take place.

You’re getting to understand your own feelings of trust and intimacy as love planet Venus harmonizes with Pluto on November 6. This can find you admitting to yucky feelings, or being able to discuss relationship taboos with an open mind. It’s easy to talk about your feelings as Mercury harmonizes with Neptune, also on November 6. Things may be communicated nonverbally or through artistic forms of expression. Conversations are more emotional and intuitive than factual under these skies.

Venus enters its home sign Libra, bringing harmony to your home and family life on November 8. Relationships with your family and the people that you live with are flowing more harmoniously under this transit. Social bonds are deepened as Mercury connects with Pluto, inspiring deep investigation, also on November 8. Sharing secrets can build trust, but if someone is in danger, consider enlisting a third party.


You’re taking on a to-do list as Mercury moves into your chart’s house of work and routine. Figuring out your target and focusing on it can be the most productive use of this transit. You’re addressing some pretty heavy topics and making responsible statements as Mercury squares off with Saturn on November 10. Promises or commitments can be made or changed.

Be mindful of your social battery as Mars faces off with Uranus on November 11. This could be a useful opportunity to unplug or be mindful of the time that you spend online. Reactions to social and political drama can put you in a passionate mood, but make sure you know how to calm yourself down if you need to! You’re willing to break out of the norm and look at social structures with a deep, probing mind as the sun faces off with Uranus on November 13. The new moon, also on November 13, can begin a new cycle in your creative and social lives. Use this new moon to connect with your reactions and forge a deeper relationship to your motivations and stress response.

Getting into a healthy routine can be enjoyable as Mercury connects with Venus on November 15. Having someone who you exercise, cook meals with, or even have mental health check-ins with can make any lifestyle or health goals more bearable if not pleasant. It might also make your day-to-day life more chill.


You can feel strongly connected to the current cultural and spiritual moment as the sun and Mars harmonize with Neptune, the planet of spiritual vision, on November 17. You’re able to see how shared beliefs affect you and your friendships, and how the zeitgeist can be challenged or invoked for your own benefit. Getting into a creative flow or engaging in improvisation can help you find deeper meaning and truth.

A new cycle of self expression and self esteem begins as the sun meets with action planet Mars on November 18. How you show up in the world, how you share your passion and energy, is refreshed. You can find new outlets for self expression and have new ideas about children and future generations, and how you want to shape the world. 

You can get a look at something that maybe you weren’t supposed to see as the sun connects with power planet Pluto on November 20. If you ask, you’ll find out, and things might not be the same after that. Sometimes taboos exist for a reason, but maybe you’re feeling nosy! Perhaps you want to use this information as leverage as Mars connects with Pluto on November 21, finding survival instincts kicking in and bringing a sort of ruthlessness. A need to create and have secure relationships can make for power imbalances.

Before the new year begins, you want to take care of a lot of chores! The sun moves into your chart’s house of routine, work, and lifestyle on November 22, the first day of Sagittarius season, putting your focus on your responsibilities and duties that you have to wrap up in order to start fresh. Look into how to bring joy and celebration into your day-to-day life. Even as a silly season starts, there’s business to handle; a reality check comes as the sun clashes with Saturn on November 23. New standards are set or limits are met. You might have to deal with some scheduling conflicts and change your expectations.

Action planet Mars enters spirited Sagittarius on November 24, giving you extra gas to keep up the good work.

You’ve got multiple projects going on, and dividing your efforts might make progress feel slower than it actually is. Variety can help you sustain your energy as Mars clashes with Saturn on November 25, asking you to find a workaround and keep going. This can be tiresome or even discouraging. Or maybe the challenge inspires you to try something different!

You might feel like you’re missing the point as Mercury clashes with Neptune, stirring confusion on November 27. Conversations might wander or communication could be difficult to grasp. This can drive you to go into hiding or solitude in order to work out your own truth and perspective as the full moon falls in a private and secluded sector of your chart that same day. Even if things are confusing, you still have to live up to your promises, so pick your battles wisely as the full moon faces off with passionate Mars.

Good luck Cancer, and see you in December!