Scorpio Personality Traits collage

Scorpio Personality Traits: Everything You Need to Know

Scorpios don’t want you to know this article exists...

How do Scorpios manage to be so conspicuous in their mysteriousness? It’s a talent! You’ve never met a more obviously impenetrable and mystifying person in your life. This year, Scorpio season runs from October 22, 2024 to November 21, 2024, and if you have your sun, moon, rising, or any placement in Scorpio, or are interested in someone who does (who among us has never?), this article can help you learn more about the Scorpio personality!


How to Spot a Scorpio

Scorpios love to go incognito, but there’s something about a trench coat and mustached glasses that’s hard to miss. As low key as Scorpio tries to be, their leather get-ups, spiked accessories, and sunglasses at 2AM are difficult to overlook. 

Scorpios are loners. If a crew of Scorpios go out together to celebrate their birthdays at a nightclub, you’d hardly notice that they were on the dance floor or at the bar together as they would all be off doing their own thing (flirting with someone new, dancing under the flashing lights), until it came time to pay the bill… suddenly, the phone calculators are out and they’re ready to settle the check swiftly, with no confusion.

At school, Scorpio is the one ready to dissect a frog, or perhaps, ready to be the classroom advocate who gathers signatures opposing the exercise: Scorpios are not afraid of confrontation, and they know how to organize themselves and others to take on a mission.

They are one of the signs that are well known in their field. They hold their cards close to their chest, and know how to separate their private and public lives with sensitive intention. Because of their respect for their own privacy, Scorpios can shine very brightly in public. They are happiest when they’re answering their true calling… being anything other than who they are feels gross for this emotional water sign!

Scorpios and Mysteriousness

Scorpios aren’t new here. They’ve been in love, they’ve been burned, they’ve been reborn. They may be cautious about revealing who they are because they’ve learned that’s the best way to protect themselves. Or they may simply be the quiet type because they’ve learned that life is more interesting when you’re watching and listening. They might be mysterious because their life’s many transformations have imbued an aura of magic and wisdom that’s unusual and remarkable in this world. 

Scorpios reveal themselves at their own time and pace. Building trust takes time, and it requires reciprocity: If you find yourself feeling a Scorpio is being cagey, ask yourself whether you have been vulnerable and open.


If a Scorpio feels they can trust you, you can experience something like a dam opening and a powerful force of water pouring out! They’re an emotional water sign ruled by Mars, the planet of action and will, so their feelings can be strong and energetic. Their feelings are a source of fuel, like a waterfall or a hot spring.

Scorpios and Style

Scorpio fashion can have an element of sex appeal or edge. Scorpio personalities are not afraid of confrontation or taboos, and this can be reflected in their clothing choices. A Scorpio that’s not so into fashion can be extremely minimalistic about their style, preferring to keep it simple and understated, remaining incognito. A Scorpio that is into fashion, however, is typically not afraid to take risks with their outfits.

Kendall Jenner, for example, often sports leather or edgy accessories, and isn’t shy about showing skin. Style photos of Demi More also often feature vampy, seductive outfits. They're quite chic, wearing looks that are tailored to their bodies, and they often enjoy accessories, for example, like Future’s hats and glasses.

Scorpio placements at their most kitsch can look like they have accessorized with items bought at a Halloween mega-store. Goth, punk, and countercultural styles can attract a sign that’s intrigued by extremes. They can make Hot Topic look chic.


Fashion savvy Scorpios have a knack for curated vintage. Recycled fashion works well for them, as they are the sign of rebirth. They can find staples that are classic and timeless, and gravitate toward them: Think Bob Ross’s capsule wardrobe (denim jeans, button down shirt)!

They might even create their own clothes, preferring to cut up fabrics and make something unique and form-fitting. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of incisions! They love to cut cloth, and not only do they often tailor their clothes, but they often distress their clothes as well. It was probably a Scorpio who first started wearing ripped jeans as a fashion statement!

Scorpios and Day-to-Day Life

Scorpio wakes up promptly at sunset. After crawling out of their coffin, they ingest the herbs they’d left brewing in their apothecary, sprinkling the remaining concoction in their favorite repurposed poison ring. They spend hours at raves unmoving in a corner, or dance in graveyards to the sound of the wind. They live spontaneously and answer to no one. The moon is their best friend. 

There are other types of Scorpios, too: Some even wake up at dawn and do their best to have a healthy morning routine, like meditation or physical movement. This type of Scorpio loves to “seize the day,” and prides themself on being productive, speedy, and take-charge. 

Scorpios get stuff done. They are extremely active on the job, and typically respected, revered, and possibly feared because of it. As the saying goes, the devil works hard, but Scorpio Kris Jenner works harder. They get energy from their routines and commitments. Once they’ve agreed to something, they are fully dedicated to the task.


While Scorpios are independent and trailblazing, they might connect with others to decompress and wind down at night. Phone calls with their best friends, chatting with their nearest and dearest, or even some good, soothing pillow talk can get them ready for bed.

Scorpios and Money

Scorpios are famously cautious… except when it comes to money, then they’re known for taking a risk or two! They’re not afraid to gamble. But they are very detailed and organized when it comes to tracking their spending and debts… and especially when it comes to money that is owed to them! They’re not afraid to remind someone of when payment is due. They can be extremely generous with their resources. This can mean money, but also free time. If you’re in, expect them to have all the time and food in the world for you.

Scorpios and Work

Scorpios do not like to waste time and are typically unhappy in work environments where they have to loiter until it’s time to clock out. They want to come in, do their job, and leave!

They don’t always love working on teams, but they can become excellent team leaders if they challenge themselves to work in groups. While they are not inclined toward group efforts, as they are such loners, the pride they have when their team is successful is huge. Take, for example, a Scorpio who is in a band. While the musical Scorpio may at first experiment with solo projects, and indeed continue creating solo music their whole life, being in a successful, meaningful musical group can be a tremendous source of pride and happiness in their life! The magic made in a group environment can be a transformative, elevating experience for Scorpio. 


Industries that work well for Scorpio include psychology, medicine, being a Disney villain, research, investigation, sex education, and being a movie star, as they are absolutely fantastic at taking center stage when they choose to. For example, Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio has a reputation for getting whatever roles he chooses!  

Scorpios excel at raising funds, and though they can be shy, they often blow people away by their presentation skills, negotiation skills, and attention to detail.

Scorpios and Fame

Scorpios love the spotlight more than you might expect. They have so much talent to share and want the world to benefit from their gifts! They don’t work for something as shallow as fame, but notoriety and honor are side effects of their accomplishments.

Many artists who are household names like Picasso and Liechtenstein were born under this sign. They didn’t make art to become famous, but their vision spoke to masses. Francis Bacon, another Scorpio artist, made shocking, sadistic, and irreligious paintings. Robert Mapplethorpe’s photos often depicted taboo BDSM imagery. Scorpios are brave, and their art is not afraid to go there.

Their determination and focus can make their careers long and notable. Scorpio can gain recognition just from sticking around for so long. We have seen many different versions of Drake, Joe Biden, Björk, and Hillary Clinton. Once they have the public attention, it holds.


Scorpios and Communication

Although they can be careful with their words, opting to listen carefully before speaking, Scorpios can be blunt, direct. They have a dry, practical way of expressing their thoughts. They are logical and build their ideas on pre-existing structures. 

As a water sign, Scorpio has an expressive, artistic nature, and can be poetic in their language. They’re a big fan of subtext and reading between the lines. Who knew someone could be so blunt but so subtle simultaneously?

Scorpios are often psychic; they seem to have an x-ray vision into people’s minds. They can plunge into the heart of the matter, cutting to the chase. Because they’re not afraid to consider what’s hiding beneath the surface, Scorpios can consider themselves to be aware of the steps ahead. This can seem prophetic when they’re right, or foolish when they figure out that their friends are throwing them a surprise party but their investigation just spoiled it.

If you feel like a Scorpio isn’t hearing you out, you can try to appeal to their interest in other people’s history: Allude to your past, and they may become intrigued by the experiences you’ve had in life. Scorpios have a deep understanding of the trials and transformations that life can throw at us, and they can appreciate people who have overcome an intense period. Scorpios often enjoy connecting with elders, as the wisdom they share is hard won.


Scorpios and Privacy

Scorpios share what’s necessary to share. Maybe they seem private when they’re surrounded by a world that is flooded with unnecessary information. They have firm control over what they’re saying.

They love having someone to share their secrets with, but it has to be a reciprocal relationship based on fairness and mutual respect. They won’t give their secrets away to just anyone—they have to at least like you. Once that’s established, Scorpios can share away. But sometimes they might not want to burden everyone with their problems, and try to carry the weight alone, or with the aid of very exclusive people.

Scorpios and Intensity

Scorpios are associated with the Death card in the tarot, and are ruled by warrior planet Mars and the planet of transformation Pluto. They’re not afraid of taboos or confronting their own emotional depths. This combination might not be for the faint of heart, but for the most part they are sensitive, emotionally intelligent, and able to connect with people on a soul level. As a fixed sign, Scorpios have a sustained, undying energy, and a wisdom that life is both temporary and permanent.

Scorpios and Home/Family Life

You’d expect Scorpio’s home to be dimly lit by candles oozing wax down bookshelves of sacred texts, but actually, you’re more likely to walk into a chic space filled with high-tech appliances. They want to connect with everyone in their down time, and this can mean they need a good internet connection.

Security is important to Scorpio. Not just the emotional security they share with their loved ones, but also the security camera at the front of their home. They might not give away their wifi password right away. They want their home to be somewhere they and all of their guests can feel safe. Living in a spy’s secret lair would be their ideal, someplace only accessible by retina scan, high in the mountains would be perfect.


As a roommate, Scorpio wants to have a very solid common space to invite their community and friends into. They covet their privacy and like to spend time on their own, but their shared living space needs to have a welcoming common area. This is where they can plot for world domination!

Even though they are cherished, Scorpio can feel like the goth kid in the family photo. They like to connect with their family, and consider their family to be friends and peers, but they can have a tendency to be the black sheep.

Scorpios and Fun

Scorpios simply love to party! They want to connect with their friends in a way that feels limitless and fun. They like to lose themself on a dance floor. They love exploring and having adventures. Scorpio can enjoy finding new places that open their mind and give them a wider perspective of the world. They could enjoy learning about philosophy or religions, which they could be exposed to through travel.

They don’t want to live a life of limited options, as Scorpios have the most fun when they feel free and are able to go with the flow. They like to make a date (and stick to their word), while keeping plans improvised and flexible.

Scorpios and Hobbies

A Scorpio’s hobby can often be impressive, skilled craftsmanship. They can be talented with sewing, weaving, carving, etching—anything detailed that they can do with their hands. Even if they’re not the biggest fan of cooking, they can very attentively follow a recipe to feed their guests.

They like to collect and organize things. They often have a very impressive and enjoyable library—Scorpios can be book worms. They will likely loan you any book you ask for! They also like watching movies and looking at photos.


Scorpios can be natural healers. They might do this through studying psychology or even getting into herbalism. They know what teas to drink whenever you have a cough, or other natural remedies to revive their friends and themselves. Their chicken soup recipe is often the most popular in the neighborhood during cold and flu season.

They might not share their private details with everyone, but Scorpio can talk about plenty else. They really enjoy chatting about ideas. They might do this on message boards or social media, or even over a cozy table with their peers.

Scorpios and Friendship

Scorpios enjoy exploring art, philosophy, and even spirituality with their friends. They love to talk about a wide array of topics with their loved ones and can run with an erudite crowd that shares their intellectual interests. They’re one to stick closely to their childhood friends, or stay bonded with their siblings.

In all relationships, Scorpio craves intimacy, stability, and security. A Scorpio can leave the scene for a while, but pick up where they left off once they return. A feeling of familiarity is constant; their friendships and relationships can really feel eternal.

Scorpios and Attraction

Scorpio is attracted to someone down-to-earth, not complicated, and able to handle and even reflect back their intensity! They want to meet their match and be challenged! They love people that are as dependable and trustworthy as they are, but who can also call their bluff.

Since Scorpio loves to be generous with their spending, they’re attracted to people who are good at finances. This can level out their checkbook. They can be attracted to whoever represents luxury to them. A Scorpio’s definition of luxury may be intimacy, promises, or bubble baths.


A Scorpio can be bare-bones and rugged, enticed by those who are sensual, opulent, and frivolous. They are into smart people, kindness, and chefs. While Scorpio is fine with eating beans out of a can, they love to have a partner who can wine and dine them. They’re attracted to people who love food, who love to unwind at a meal and spend several courses savoring flavors and sharing stories!

Scorpios and Dating

Dating a Scorpio is a whirlwind of mystery and magic! While love is something that comes naturally, Scorpio can enjoy a healthy challenge, or a feeling of winning someone over with their charm and kindness. 

Once they have you in their claws, Scorpios can be emotionally intense. They’re not afraid to let their feelings show, and can be direct about it. Sharing their emotions and inner world with someone can allow them to feel more intimate and bonded.

Scorpios are extremely loyal once settled, but never without an effervescent, open-minded atmosphere. If you’re romantically connected to a Scorpio, chances are it’s like a religious experience for them. They want to connect on a soul level. Watch out for cheesy conversations about having met in a past life. They are not easily fooled, but can forgive you for just about anything if they’re in love, and you can give them honesty.


Scorpios and Ghosting

Anyone is capable of ghosting; sometimes it's a matter of bad communication skills or immaturity, sometimes it's selfishness, or sometimes it's because something about your interaction with them has triggered their need for safety and they feel it's safest to disappear.

Scorpios are not interested in wasting their time or yours, and they’ll dip if it’s not working. But they’ll do it gracefully. To a Scorpio, silence often says more than words. They are a fan of emotional closure, but having weighed their options, they may not feel it’s worth talking about.

It’s just a little heartbreak, nothing you can’t get over, is what a jaded scorpion may say! However, this sort of Scorpio may have some wounds of their own to heal. The more evolved Scorpio is happy to talk about why things didn’t work out, so you have a chance to integrate the feedback.

Scorpios and Revenge

What Scorpios, and perhaps all of us, want deep down is empathy and understanding. If Scorpio has a drive for revenge, it may stem from a desire for someone else to feel what they have felt—the sadness, pain, or fear they experienced themselves. In examining their desire for revenge, Scorpio would be wise not to confuse vengeance with justice. The more evolved Scorpio has learned ways to be vulnerable and to ask for understanding rather than imposing it, and if the opportunity for connection is unavailable, to find understanding and healing with their loved ones and community instead.

Scorpios and Wellness

Scorpios can be very competitive with themselves, so having an app that keeps track of their fitness throughout the day can inspire them to beat their own records.

They may be attracted to ancient ways of eating and self care, asking themselves whether a food item would have been one their great grandmother would have thrown in a stew. A simplified, no-frills approach to food and lifestyle might result in the nutritional opposite of an ancestral diet: S Scorpio, especially a younger Scorpio, is no stranger to coveted American gas station snacks. Fast food can appeal to them, whether that’s simple, unprocessed food, or a frappuccino.

Scorpio is the sign of transformation, and they know that the small, everyday habits they build can impact the big picture of their life. So they are wise about making small changes that can have a big impact. 

Scorpios and Travel

Scorpios have a talent for making a cold hotel room into a cozy space. They will bring a picture frame, cozy t-shirt, or their own pillowcase—something that reminds them of home. They usually end up on a first name basis with whoever handles the breakfast bar. Scorpios can get homesick and are very nostalgic, but they typically love traveling if it’s to a place that’s inspired them for a long time or where they have close friends or family. Traveling someplace they have spiritual ties to is often a big deal for Scorpio, and visiting an area that connects with their ancestors is typically high on their traveling to-do list. Seeing the world’s wonders (natural or manmade) inspires Scorpio, whether the pyramids of Egypt or the Grand Canyon, the awe these sights inspire recharges Scorpio’s energy! 

Scorpios and Spirituality

Scorpios are deeply spiritual. Even the atheist Scorpios have an ardent passion regarding their non-belief. They can take pleasure in exploring the topics of religion and philosophy, which can bring a clearly thought-out personal relationship with their spirituality. Being an intuitive water sign, Scorpio can sometimes be attracted to the occult, especially topics concerning psychic ability or divination, such as astrology or ESP. 

Being the zodiac sign of transformation and rebirth, Scorpio can sometimes be interested in religious themes of transformation, reincarnation, or death. They may be inspired by the Transfiguration of Jesus, or have a copy of The Egyptian Book of the Dead. 

Sartre said “hell is other people” and Ram Dass says “treat everyone you meet like God in drag,” and Scorpio spends plenty of time contemplating these two ideas! Through their relationships, Scorpio can contemplate their own place in the universe, and let go of things that they otherwise feel obliged to be in control of. They find spiritual fulfillment in the intimacy they share with others.