Canadian Police Try to Quell Town's Fears as QAnon Queen Gears Up for Cult Meetup

The RCMP have set up a temporary detachment in the small Saskatchewan town that hosts the abandoned school the QAnon cult leader and her group have set up in.
The RCMP have set up a temporary detachment in the small Saskatchewan town that hosts the abandoned school the QAnon cult leader and her group have set up in.
RCMP officers on horseback, left. Romana Didulo helping prep for a livestream from inside the abandoned school, right. Photo via Getty and Telegram. 

Canadian police have set up a “mobile temporary detachment” in the small town where the so-called “QAnon Queen of Canada” and her followers have taken over a school.

For almost a month now, Romana Didulo—a QAnon influencer who has convinced her followers she’s the true Queen of Canada who is waging a secretive war against a cabal of pedophile elites, among a myriad of other esoteric beliefs—has been living in an abandoned school in the tiny Saskatchewan town of Richmound. Along with Didulo is a core group of about 10 or so followers who have given up their lives to travel with her and listen to every demand. 


On Tuesday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) held a town-wide meeting hoping to quell some of the fears that the locals have about their new neighbors. A local who was at the meeting told VICE News that it was well attended and the man who actually owns the school and is allowing Didulo to live on the property, showed up and filmed it. During the meeting, the RCMP told the locals the community was not at risk from the group.

The QAnon group was defiant in reaction to the meeting. During their nightly live stream, Darlene Ondi, Didulo’s second-in-command who essentially works as the group’s press secretary, demonized the locals and said both the mayor and police are corrupt. The man who is letting the group use the school, and attended the meeting said the RCMP are stopping all vehicles which leave the school. They referred to locals, who suggested that people who are there to visit the cult should check in with police first, as “Nazis.”


The RCMP mobile detachement in Richmound. Photo via Brad Miller.

At one point, the group accidentally left the livestream on, and it caught Didulo yelling at her followers living with her about the town. 

“Someone or something is pulling the strings in this town. If they had a clean mayor this stuff doesn’t happen,” she said. “Having every single visitor to us having to report to the town is ridiculous, they’re Communists and Nazis… It’s a very corrupt and evil energy.” 


Do you have information or tips about “QAnon Queen” Romana Didulo or live in Richmound? We would love to hear from you. You can contact Mack Lamoureux by email at, or DM him on Twitter at @MackLamourex for a Signal number

Brad Miller, the mayor of the small town of about 250 people, told VICE News that some locals were scared to go near the school and that members of the Didulo’s clan have gone around the city taking photos of locals. 

“I think some people are taking it harder than others,” said Miller. “We as people have a different threshold of fear, (but) there is never a time that the majority of people should have this thrown at them.” 

One local told VICE that some Richmound residents used a playground near the school, one that had been essentially abandoned from fears of the cult, in defiance over the weekend.

The group is planning on hosting a “meet and greet” on October 14, where they will hold a bizarre ritual where followers declare themselves sovereign in order to receive a fat stack of  Didulo’s fake currency. The group has held similar events across the country. The group has been bringing in chain link fencing, portable toilets, and other materials to aid with the event. 


The school and chain link fence the group is setting up. Photo via Brad Miller.

The idea of their town being inundated, more than it already has, with people who believe a small woman living in an RV is a divine being has, understandably, put some town folks on edge. Many of the town's worries arise from a “cease and desist” order sent by Didulo’s followers that threatened the recipients with “publicly broadcast executions” if they don’t stop their “Rothchild/CCP based communistic, unfair, demoralizing, and immoral activities.” The letters were sent not by Didulo but by her followers who have made a habit of sending similar notes to people who have angered them.


Didulo and those living with her on the school grounds have acknowledged the death threats. In a recent livestream, Ondi broke down their rules around death sentences in "the Kingdom of Canada" which includes it should be either done by a public hanging or a firing squad in a town square or island and no one younger than 24 years old can view it.

Over the weekend, the RCMP set up a mobile detachment in the town. The detachment is a small trailer that is parked near the school and manned by RMCP officers who are there to keep the peace. It’s staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

“We are aware of the presence of a group, sometimes referred to as the Kingdom of Canada, in Richmound, Saskatchewan. We’ve received a number of calls for service related to this group’s presence in the community over the past two weeks or so,” the RCMP stated in their press release announcing the detachment.

Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 10.54.00 AM.png

The man who is allowing Didulo to use the school and Darlene Ondi speak on Tuesday's livestream. Photo via Telegram.

Since it was set up over the weekend, the RCMP have said they’ve received complaints about “assault, threats, and suspicious people” around the city but no charges have been filed. Many of these complaints may be coming from the cult group themselves. In a live stream from earlier this week, Ondi told believers to bombard the police asking for “file numbers” regarding several incidents they say happened between them, the locals, and an independent journalist covering the group. 

It is clear the group remains paranoid of the locals.

“Apparently some horrible people are claiming to spread rat poison around the area where Princess and Comet, the royal puppies of Queen Romana Didulo, go to do their business,” Ondi said in the livestream in reference to Didulo’s two dogs. 

“There is a possible threat to Her Royal Majesty Queen Romana Didulo, her team, the volunteers, and the royal puppies, that the building we are currently working from may be set on fire,” she added, referring to a Facebook post that joked about burning down the school to get rid of Didulo and her group. 

The group has asked for followers to come and stay with them to volunteer as security and announced that Canada is at a “DEFCON one” threat level.