Peckham Is a Paradise

Peckham Is a Paradise

People officially think South London is the roughest part of the capital, but that's no bad thing.
August 9, 2016, 1:40pm

The people of London officially think south London is rough. And it is, kind of, if you're comparing it to Hoxton Square or Kensington or Primrose Hill. But that's no bad thing in the face of a capital that's being vanillafied by people who want to replace housing and independent businesses with PODs, Itsus and Prets.

Photographer Jeremy Stokes, 22, moved to south London to go to the Camberwell College of Arts, and has spent much of his time taking photos of south London looking pretty rough, but also incredibly fun. He says he "aims to make good images wherever I am, and that happens to be south-east London at this point in time. So here you are: look at some of those photos below.