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Cry-Baby of the Week: A Guy Threw a Cat Out of a Window Because It Peed on Him

Also this week: A kid allegedly got suspended from school for threatening to use the ring from the Lord of the Rings to make another kid disappear.
February 9, 2015, 10:03pm

It's time, once again, to marvel at some idiots who don't know how to handle the world:

Cry-Baby #1: Sean Wilkinson

The incident: A cat peed on a guy.

The appropriate response: Cleaning the pee off.

The actual response: He threw the cat out of a third-story window.

Last week, 20-year-old Sean Wilkinson (pictured above) was found guilty of causing suffering to a protected animal at Grimsby Magistrates Court in Grimsby, England.


The charges relate to an incident in October of last year, in which Wilkinson threw his one-year-old cat Luna from a third-story window after it urinated on him while he was watching TV.

The court heard testimony from a neighbor who saw an object being thrown from the window of Wilkinson apartment. He later saw Wilkinson walk out of the building laughing, before picking up the cat by the scruff of the neck.

Wilkinson then reportedly dumped the cat at the neighbor's feet and said, "Let your dog out."

The neighbor contacted animal welfare officials, who seized the cat from Wilkinson.

The cat was examined by vets and found to have five broken ribs and a fractured pelvis as a result of the fall.

Speaking to the court, Sean's lawyer said that Sean was "thoroughly ashamed" of what he had done, and that he had "snapped" on the day of the incident.

Sean was sentenced to 300 hours of community service, received a ten-year ban from keeping cats, and was ordered to pay back £2,500 ($3,815) in vet's bills.

Cry-Baby #2: Kermit Elementary School

Screencaps via Google Maps and YouTube

The incident: A nine-year-old boy allegedly told a classmate he was going to use the ring from the Lord of the Rings to turn him invisible.

The appropriate response: Nothing.

The actual response: The boy was suspended from school.

Last Thursday, nine-year-old Aiden Steward was in class at his school, Kermit Elementary School in Kermit, Texas.

According to his dad, Jason, Aiden told a classmate that he was going to use a ring forged in Middle Earth's Mount Doom to make him disappear. Jason says Aiden did this because he had watched one of the Hobbit films a few days earlier.


"Kids act out movies that they see," Jason told the New York Daily News. "When I watched Superman as a kid, I went outside and tried to fly."

This did not sit well with school officials, who suspended Aiden.

According to Jason, he was told that the suspension was because "threats to another child's safety [will] not be tolerated."

Jason told the local press this the third time Aiden has been suspended from the school. The first time he was suspended, according to the Odessa American was because he "referred to another student's skin color," and the second was because be brought a book to school that featured an illustration of a pregnant woman (which, unless some major detail is being left out here, seems almost as insane as suspending a child for threatening to use a Hobbit ring to make someone disappear).

The school has declined to comment on the matter, citing student confidentiality issues.

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