Medical Pot Patients Can Now Legally Grow Weed at Home, Hurray!

The new laws are a victory for common sense.
August 11, 2016, 8:14pm

Photo via Flickr user Andrew 鐘

If you are medical marijuana patient, you can now grow your own medicine at home.

Health Canada approved new rules that will allow patients to register with them to grow a "limited" amount of cannabis for their own use. And in a rare bit of common sense in the drug file, the government is also allowing patients to designate someone else to grow their weed medicine if they are too ill to do it themselves.

The amount a patient can grow will be linked to the amount of pot they have been prescribed by a doctor.

The new rules come a few months after the Federal Court struck down a ban on patients growing marijuana at home. Judge Michael Phelan ruled the old law was "overbroad and arbitrary." Phelan gave the government six months to change the rules.

About 28,000 patients under the "Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations" (sidenotes: why does the government and cops spell marijuana that way?) who were already allowed to grow their own weed thanks to an injunction will still be allowed to do so, Health Canada also confirmed today.

The new rules go into effect on August 24.

Of course, the Liberals have also promised to legalize marijuana for recreational use. That fun-sucking legislation is expected next spring.

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