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Cry-Baby of the Week

This week: Neighbors who hate second-hand smoke versus neighbours who hate techno pool parties!

Let's all laugh at some sissy little girls and boys again!

Cry-Baby #1: Neighbors Who Hate Second-Hand Smoke

The incident: The neighbors of a Vancouver couple named Wendell and Rena Krossa smoked some cigarettes in their own back garden.

The appropriate reaction: Nothing. Or close a window or something if the smell is bothering you.

The actual reaction: The Krossa Family wrote to their Mayor and Premier, to call for "new legislation to protect their family and their home." According to the Krossas, their neighbors' cigarette smoke is travelling across the fence, wafting into their back garden, and then being sucked into their house. "I'm feeling frustrated and helpless because I cannot keep my kids safe in their own home," said Rena, in an interview she gave to a local news station.


Their neighbor, Scott Urquhart, said he has tried to resolve the problem by smoking in his front garden instead, but the Krossas were still not happy, adding: "Don't buy a house that's eight-feet apart from one another, if you don't want to smell or hear your neighbors."

Smoking is already banned in public areas in Vancouver. If it were to become illegal on private property too, it would essentially be outlawed entirely.

Cry-Baby #2: Neighbors Who Hate Techno Pool Parties

The incident: Some very rich people who live in some very swanky apartments in New York are within hearing-distance of a weekly rooftop pool party.

The appropriate reaction: Nothing. Or moving to the suburbs if it's too much for them.

The actual reaction: Complaining. A lot. And when that didn't work, taking their story to The New York Post.

“The bass will start, and the windows will vibrate. The windows literally move… It’s like South Beach,” said local resident Mary Ellen Maher (pictured above) of the weekly party that runs Sundays from 3.30PM until 8.30PM.

“I try to not be home on Sundays. The last thing you want are a bunch of crazy people with loud techno music until 8 or 9PM,” added 24-year-old neighbor Greg Housset.

Are you fucking kidding me? Come on guys. Especially you, Greg, you're 24 fucking years old. "Until 8 or 9 PM"? Seriously? Get the fuck outta here. You wanna live in the city, but you can't handle hearing other people? Fuck off to the suburbs.


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