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Check Out Lil Jon's New EDM Banger with MAKJ

Talk about a career revival. Stream "Let's Get F*cked Up."

Lil Jon is living the dream right now. The always exciteable rapper, producer, and DJ, has gracefully made the transition from Atlanta snap rap to big, bad EDM bangers for spring break beach parties. Why? Because EDM is the future, duh. He's teamed up with Californian electro house hunk MAKJ on this soon-to-be pool party anthem, "Let's Get F*cked Up," and their message is something we can all celebrate—collectively losing our shit. And in case you hadn't been introduced, MAKJ is a big room aficionado with the Hardwell stamp of approval, and he's going to be at the main stage of all your favorite festivals in 2014. (We can only hope he is joined by Lil Jon at one or two of those occasions.) Here comes THUMP with the exclusive stream, just in time for festival season. You're welcome!


"Let's Get F*cked Up" is out March 17 on Ultra Records. Buy it on Beatport.