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Watch Emancipator Fuse Electronic Beats With Live Strings

Lose yourself in these swelling grooves captured live at Suwanee Hullaween festival.
March 7, 2014, 11:00am

What makes a great musician? I like to think that it's someone who can look back at the musical gems of past while still staying hip to the trends and technological innovations of the current day. If there's one artist that knows how to do this—and do it well—it's the Portland, Oregon-based trip-hop producer Emancipator.

This is a guy who is changing what it means to be an electronic music artist and does so by throwing down emotional, ambient beats coupled with the harmonious swells of live violin provided by his good friend Llya Goldberg. Emancipator's live performances have become something of legend for the festival crowd and have been hypnotizing people across the world for more than a few years—developing into an all-encompassing musical experience that you truly have to take part in to fully understand.

But guess what? THUMP and Bud Light Platinum have your back, and we're here to help you all understand what it means to witness an Emancipator set. So press play on this beautifully shot video and get lost in the euphoric rhythms captured live at the Suwanee Hullaween Festival.