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Action Bronson: NyamJam

Action Bronson heads to beautiful Jamaica to sample some of the greatest culinary offerings the island has to offer at the NyamJam festival.
February 12, 2016, 1:00pm

As Action Bronson's presence in the "Food World" becomes more permanent, new and diverse opportunities are popping up for the self-proclaimed "Human Highlight Reel." This time, it appeared in the most beautiful location possible: Goldeneye Resort, located in Oracabessa, Jamaica at the NyamJam culinary festival.

Even before Action knew exactly what it was, he agreed to attend. As stated in the video, there was not a single bad bite of food, and if you love hot sauce, then you can't do much better. Mr. Bronson honed in on a calabasa slaw prepared by visiting Puerto Rican chef, Jose Enrique and a smoked chicken sandwich from Jamaican grill master, Gariel Ferguson. His experience at Nyam Jam inspired him so much that upon his arrival back in New York, he immediately got cow foot stew and ate it in the parking lot of Home Depot.

One love.

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